go west, young woman

vacation plans are officially in place!! as I just signed the lease for my apartment next year, meaning I don’t have to deal with that headache…will leave the end of July free to get away!!

And remember how I mentioned that said vacation will include running…and that I have at least one half-marathon on the horizon outside of Central Park…well there you go!!!


10 thoughts on “go west, young woman

  1. YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT??!?! ILL BE THERE FROM 7/27-7/31!!!! We are running the first half! Yo flygirl- we are going to try and get tickets to the Giants game!

  2. well done! This is long overdue. You are going to have a blast! Abs 4th was a good time. I had no idea you drank so many alcohol units! Good plan to “run it out” the next day. That generally negates all alcohol consumption in my opinion. Hope your week is going well so far.

  3. moz-we’re gonna have to talk!! you’re doing the 1st half…that starts mad early, are you gonna go to the race straight from the bar? :-prunner26-agreed!! we’ll have to do it again (but i will try hard to drink less!! i bet those martinis had no alcohol in them…)

  4. Have a GREAT time! San Fran is beautiful (which you might know if you’ve been there already). Have a great race, too!

  5. A well deserved vacation I would have to say. Into the beautiful bliss air of San Fran… zooming down Trollies and running the golden gate bridge? Well at least you will get relief from anywhere outside of Central Park!GOOD LUCK!

  6. Have a good time in San Fran!

  7. I’m a SF bay area local, on a women’s running team, and regular reader of your fabulous blog. We’re also doing the SF Half (1st half, gosh its awfully early!). Email me if you want to share a run or lunch or something on your vacation and talk geeky running talk. I’m at: ssyed AT sonic . net I’d be happy to show you some of my favorite places to run. Us single runner girls gotta stick together. [I’m a 27 yr old urban planner by day]

  8. thanks everyone!! though its been so crazy at work i actually thought for a second that I should find out if my travel plans are refundable… :-\

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