finally, a running skirt pic

finish line at the 5-miler

OK, it’s not exactly an action pic…and it catches me stopping my watch…but this is the closest I have to a running pic in the skirt so far…

4 thoughts on “finally, a running skirt pic

  1. you make me want to start blogging again. i defeinitely need some running accountability. but you are def more the overachiever than i could ever try to be. your blog rocks. you run all the time and good fast times and you seem to have it all together. cheers to you from a messy, unfocused, tired runner trying to back on track.

  2. cute! I particularly like the bit about the watch! I wonder if you’ve tried the new skirts from yet — and what you think?

  3. Well, that seems perfectly decent…

  4. jen-thanks for the kudos…not sure about having it all together-there were a coupla months where I didn’t-but thanks 🙂 good luck to you with your running…anon-I haven’t tried those yet. I actually just ordered the new style of the MarathonGirl skirt in the Sapphire Blue color…I’m hoping to wear it for the SF Half :)derek-just decent? :-p

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