missing: that extra gear

This past Sunday’s WABC Fight Against Prostate Cancer 5-miler…my 5-mile PR was here 3 years ago, once again, I didn’t even come close. Oh, I can blame a lot of things. The heat, the crowd, tired legs…but reality is, I just wasn’t able to kick it into that extra gear.

Mile-by-mile breakdown…

8:01 (another clusterfuck start…I was lined up by the 6 minute marker and even then I was still passing people who had less business than I did lining up that close)
7:58 (they finally got that mile marker right…haha. Saw a Flyers cheering contingent on the transverse.)
8:33 (sneaky incline mile. Saw Trakmaniak taking pics but he missed me.)
8:07 (damn it’s getting hot…)
8:05 (I still hate that hill at the finish…no matter how many times I run up it!)

Overall 40:44, 8:08 pace.

To explain-I’m really not upset about this race. And before anyone says it-I know I am lucky to be able to race (especially since too many people I know are on the DL.) But I look back at my races from 2004 and compare them to now…I mean, if I was able to average 7:45s for 5 miles in 75 degree weather, why can’t I do that again? Looks like my racing style has changed…I used to go out quite aggressive at the start, now I’m a little more conservative. Not sure if being injured forced that change, or something else…but seriously, I feel like I am missing that little something extra, to kick it into that extra gear on race day. And it seems like all the speedwork in the world isn’t gonna bring it back…

Or-I really, really think I’m burnt out on racing in Central Park. How many times have we done park loops? Not surprising, my best race experience so far this year was the Wall Street Run. Coincidence? I think not…

Well racing-wise…looks like I am only gonna frequent Central Park for the Dash and Splash (I can’t ever think of it as anything else, and yes that is me in the picture on the front of NYRR’s website)-only for pool access afterwards-will be a game day decision as to whether or not I race it…and the Club Champs…that one is a must-do for me. Do have a coupla halfs on the tentative schedule…both outside of Central Park, thankfully.

In another note-I wore my MarathonGirl skirt for the first time in a race, and it won’t be the last time. It felt much more comfortable than I thought it would!! I think I may need to get another in that style or similar…I liked not having to mess with shorts! (yes guys-I’ll post an action pic if Brightroom got one…unfortunately a certain someone missed me in the crowd :-p )

7 thoughts on “missing: that extra gear

  1. You’re always complaining about the “cluster****” at the beginning when people are not lining up correctly and you’re with the 6 min runners? That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black…

  2. Yes, I’m sure it appears that way. I was originally lined up with the 7’s, but when everyone was moving up…what was I supposed to do-just stay there? (And believe me, I’m quite aware that I lined up on the aggressive side-I’m NOT disputing that. My complaints are more regarding walkers who lined up that close.)Oh and the usual disclaimer-if you want to slam me on my blog, at least have the balls to sign your name. Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Just want to say I enjoy reading your blog – I agree about the walkers in this race – worse that usual – I start at the 10 mm marker and was still passing people practically strolling at the 1 mile mark

  4. I agree w/ flygirl on this one. regardless, walkers and joggers shouldn’t be on the 6-7 min marker. it slows everything down and especially when there’s little room to move through the crowd this year, it is getting harder to perform well.I have to say I don’t think i was the only one annoyed on the first mile…..

  5. I am innocent… I wasn’t even at this race! :)Cute photo FlyGirl!

  6. Have you noticed that the bibs now have a pace on them? I assume that they plan to use them soon to enforce the starting positions. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it would get the walkers out of the 6 minute mile section…

  7. claire and moz-thanks for reading and for your comments…and getting what i was trying to say :)josh-you’re not that innocent :-p thx for the props on the photo.john-yeah, that’s been there for a few months…they use my best 5-miler pace from last year. i guess that will be for if they ever bring back the wave starts…

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