need for speed 2007-the short version

Another year, another great time!!

The Flyers entered 3 teams in this year’s Need For Speed Relay…one competitive (the Red team) and 2 “fun” teams (the White and Black teams) I was originally on the White team…but due to the Black team having a couple members drop due to injury the week before, I offered to switch and help them out. Great decision-I really had a blast with these guys. And we did pretty damn good too…12th overall team, 6th in our (co-ed) division. Best of both worlds, huh?

Congrats to the Red Flyer team-4th overall and first co-ed team!! (Fellow Flyer blogger Trakmaniak was a part of that one…)

And also congrats to the White Flyer team on a great effort…next time, the peeps marking leg 2 best not be drunk while doing so!!

More to come!!


One thought on “need for speed 2007-the short version

  1. Congrats to all the Flyers – Keep Flying 🙂

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