neighborhood lovin’

Ok after I saw this post on Moz’s blog about the neighborhood-specific Virgin Mobile signs, I started to be on the lookout…haven’t seen any on the UWS yet, but spotted this one near the office today…

virgin mobile sign in chelsea

Hate to say it, but I find it sorta amusing.

I’m intrigued to see what they have for the UWS…will update post when I find it… (update 6-17…found it!!)

virgin mobile sign on the uws

2 thoughts on “neighborhood lovin’

  1. One blogger posts, there’s even a “bridges and tunnels crowd, you rule” sign.Ugh. We can’t all rule, no? Reminds me of a line in The Incredibles: “If everyone had super powers, no one would be super!” (or something like that)See you at brunch tomorrow! And have a good run!

  2. Flygirl…there’s actually one for QUEENS too….ill snap one up when i go to queens at the end of this month

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