the other side of 7 am

i think this has been the first time since marathon training last year that i have actually been out the door and running before 7 am…thanks to predicted “strong storms with damaging winds” in tonite’s forecast, I made the executive decision to do speedwork this morning instead. The hill near Tavern always seems to rob me of a finishing kick, so I repeated this workout (except this time it was .2156 miles per repeat)

Time Pace
1 1:31 7:02
2 1:35 7:20
3 1:33 7:11
4 1:36 7:25
5 1:36 7:25
6 1:35 7:20

Maybe it’s a little too close to game time to do something hilly, but mentally I felt I needed this one…still was a little more of a struggle than last time…then again I seem to remember last time did not have killer humidity. But while I was cooling down (ha) around the lower loop…I noted that Central Park was packed by 7 am!! Either others wanted to get their workouts in before the predicted rain…or if it’s always been like this lately…but seriously, I don’t remember the park being this packed in the morning!! Or maybe I have a short memory…


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