heat training

10 miles yesterday afternoon in 85-degree heat.

5 miles late this morning in killer humidity.

just kept thinking “that which cannot kill you can only make you stronger.”

and you know what…that thinking just may have worked. in addition to stopping at as many water fountains as possible. it really didn’t feel as bad as a week ago…maybe this heat training is working…we’ll see for sure on Saturday.

other mentions from the weekend…Friday was the Flyers‘ TGIFF at the Boat Basin…and I think I spotted the guy I saw there last week again. date last nite (dinner and a coupla glasses of wine at a wine bar)…good time, not sure if there is gonna be a second. (actually just the fact that it got a blog mention probably means I don’t forsee a second :-p )

oh…and i am making tenative vacay plans for the end of July, and it is gonna include running!! I’ve already put in for the time off, only thing that is preventing me from making definite plans is that I am still in rent negotiations for next year…so there is the possibility I may have to put these vacation plans on hold if I need to apartment-hunt…but hopefully I find out the answer to that this week…

now playing “wicked lil grrrls” ~ esthero


2 thoughts on “heat training

  1. Just wait, thanks to summer it’ll seem so much easier in Oct/Nov/Dec when it’s 55. These runs pay off big in the fall.

  2. meh…that didn’t quite work for me last year. oh wait…except once 😉

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