be careful what you wish for

yeah, I know a month or so ago I was complaining about the cold and snow and wishing for warmer weather…well we got it alright, we went right from winter to summer…it now seems more like late July than late May. Lesser of 2 evils, I guess, but it kinda makes me afraid that next weekend’s Mini 10K is going to be reminiscent of the scorcher 2 years ago. Oh well, best I can do is try and get acclimated as much as possible in the next week and hope for the best.

And next weekend will be a weekend chock-full of running…in addition to the Mini, on Sunday I will be doing the Need For Speed Relay yet again (the Flyers have 3 teams this year!)-short leg, easy pace. Will be kinda bittersweet though, since a couple of people who were originally gonna participate won’t be and it won’t be the same without them πŸ˜‰

In fact…a part of me feels bad about talking about running in general…with so many friends/teammates currently on the DL. Oh well. I guess I have nothing else to talk about then. Unless anyone else wants to talk about taking bets on how long the latest Bachelor’s engagement will last…


3 thoughts on “be careful what you wish for

  1. I am running vicariously through you πŸ˜‰ and you can talk running as much as you want. But yeah, it’s weird how many people are injured ATM…

  2. It is what it is. Still have my fingers crossed for a repeat of last year’s weather…

  3. Hi from Madrid, im visiting NYC on a fex months and wanted to know some running shop addresses in Manhattan, if possible. Thanx a lot!!

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