summer, summer, summertime

Yes, that was the weather when I headed out for my run today…hit me like a ton of bricks…my run was pretty much making it from water fountain to water fountain (and cursing the one at the Boathouse for not working.) No time like the present to get heat trained, I guess…oh but I sure had to know better than to run during the hottest part of the day, right?
Nope, cuz I had to sleep in due to a late night last night…courtesy of another Flyers/Reservoir Dogs joint happy hour, this one at Dive Bar. I had no work the next day, there were drink specials, Jose Cuervo and Bacardi were in the house with freebies…what better way to kick off the official unoffical start of summer? The night started with me and Uptown Girl having a free shot of Cuervo…that kinda set the tone of the evening, I lost count of how many mojitos I had, but not surprisingly, I was the last Flyer standing!!
The four-day weekend continues with the first trip to the Boat Basin this year, another party, a picnic, and hitting another Jewish singles thingie.
Ah summertime…it has arrived…

2 thoughts on “summer, summer, summertime

  1. Good times…good times…my head hurts ;(

  2. i said the same thing! that fountain on the boathouse wasnt working on sunday either!!!!!!!!!!

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