almost bailed. glad i didn’t.

even though i picked up my number and loverly tech-y shirt, i knew that the Healthy Kidney 10K was gonna be a game-day decision, due to both predicted rain in the forecast and a cold that hit me this past week.

race morning…even though the Weather Channel said current rain, I peeked outside…wasn’t doing anything except drizzling…and the fresh air felt invigorating…what the hell, i’ll do it. but performance-wise, not expecting anything great and prepared to drop out if need be.

expecting a massive crowd (and seeing the rec lane taped off with orange tape and cones), i knew that I better be lined up early, so I was lined up by 8:30 (which meant forgoing a full warm-up.) i saw a new Flyer lined up near me and we chatted while waiting for the start. Finally after the speeches, the elite male athlete intros, and the speeches, we were off. And here was how it netted out:

Mile 1-8:15nearing the finish...

Mile 2-8:19

Mile 3-8:39

Mile 4-8:50

Mile 5-8:22

Mile 6-8:10

Last .2-1:44

52:19, 8:26 pace (5k splits 26:12/26:07)

Not my best, not my worst. The lingering cold and the lack of a full warm-up prevented me from really giving it my all. But, on the other hand, it’s dress rehearsal for the Mini 10K in 3 weeks…and can’t ever complain about a slight negative split…(at least at the Mini, I can get a better start and a full warm-up then…and the Mini has a slightly easier course in the first half)

Afterwards, a bunch of Flyers hung around for the raffle (they had some pretty nice prizes…wouldn’t have minded winning $250 worth of Tiffany’s bling, amongst other things…) and the awards ceremony…as the course record did fall by 2 seconds that day (good to see Ritz did it, though I was sorta hoping it’d be Mottram, as he came so close twice…)

Next-kick this cold and pray that the weather gods give us ladies a good day in 3 weeks…
(and as my faithful DS-Trainers are now approaching 200 miles…I think it’s due time to start breaking in the new pair in time for the Mini…)

3 thoughts on “almost bailed. glad i didn’t.

  1. Well, judging from your splits, you ran a good race! Looking forward to the drinking fun this week…

  2. With all that Vodka as a training base, you’re shaping up well. May try and get over for a break soon, and will be looking for a race in NY while I’m there – Keep you posted.

  3. It was a nice race after all, wasn’t it? Chilly, yes, but not bad at all.Good job, and good luck in the mini, it’s almost here.- Cranky

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