i’m a magnet for unavailable men

yes, as J.Lo’s character said in “The Wedding Planner”
“I’m a magnet for unavailable men. And I’m sick of it.”

Besides some other things that I do not want to go into detail here…well, another occurance Friday night. It was my colleague EB’s birthday bash that started with margaritas and sangria at a bar near the office, and after a coupla hours, moved to the main event at a nice bar/loungey place in the east village. And I see a cute guy sitting by himself at the bar and feeling daring, I go up and talk to him. So we chat for a few minutes and I ask if he’s waiting for someone. Silence. “friends…girlfriend?” Neither, apparently a first date. And wouldn’t you know it, she shows up a coupla minutes later.

Just. my. luck.

Well, do have to respect the honesty. Still didn’t mean I like the circumstances. (Why do they always have to be on a date/taken/married/etc…) So in an effort to make myself feel better, I pound one after another of Stoli Blueberi and tonic. But it just gave me a killer hangover during the night and the morning after. After sleeping in, I did try the Skylight method of hangover relief-a 9-mile run to sweat out any leftover alcohol in the system. And I guess it worked…

Before I had to go do it all over again at a b-day party in Brooklyn (who knew it was so easy to get to Williamsburg?) and at mother’s day festivities on Sunday (complete with pretty strong appletinis made by one of my mom’s friends. Good though, made with Absolut Pear vodka-gave them a kick.) Well at least Sunday was a good time. Some family issues going on, my dad has had a very stressful month, I think it was good for him to have friends and (normal) family members around.

And it’s no wonder that even after taking today off, I’m still wiped…


5 thoughts on “i’m a magnet for unavailable men

  1. Running 9 miles on a hangover? Respect! I tried that once, and had more than enough after 6.

  2. “who knew it was so easy to get to Williamsburg?”So close, and yet … The East River is really only a psychological barrier.Where was the party?

  3. We should try to get the running blogger community to hook you up with a good guy. I’ve got my eye out for you. Kudos to you for approaching him.

  4. The best piece of advice I ever saw given when newbie runners invariably moan about how running makes them choose between their Friday and Saturday night socializing with old friends and their new lifestyle is: You just have to learn how to run with a hangover!

  5. thomas-thanks. at least it was easy running, and i slept it off enough. I did have to bail on a 15K once, due to not being able to sleep it off…jon-it was at a bar near the Bedford Ave stop on the L. First stop in Brooklyn-pretty quick! And I like the new electronic signs…josh-yeah, I could be “The Bachelorette” of running bloggers. or not :-ppeter-well one of the good things about my running club is that we drink as much as we run. so i sorta have it all 🙂

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