the hills again…no not *those* hills!!

nope, this post will have nothing to do with the show (though I am going through withdrawal!) instead, it is speedwork-related…

with the meeting place on the 102nd street transverse, everyone was trying to guess what the workout would be…would it be repeats of the transverse…or will it be the dreaded Harlem hills? Since last week’s workout was another killer hilly one, most thought it’d be the former, but I had a sneaky suspicion it would be the latter…and I was right.

But honestly, I didn’t mind it too much. For whatever reason, I’ve never done a Harlem Hill workout before (either I was doing speedwork in the morning, or tapering/recovering, or something else.) And considering my next coupla 10k races are gonna have these hills smack dab in the middle (miles 3 and 4,) I really needed to work on them.

So the first part of the workout was a counter-clockwise loop of the hills from east 102nd…and we didn’t even get to jog the transverse, nope, we had to run hard to the end. Wait 4 minutes. Then repeat. First loop was at a 7:26, second at a 7:48 pace. Pretty satisfied. Then one more repeat…down the hill to Lasker Pool, then back up to 102nd…one of our assistant coaches was nice enough to encourage me for the last part of it…and I guessed it helped-that repeat was at a 7:21 pace! (though that workout really hurt like hell!! but better now than during the race…)

Not too shabby!! If not at the Healthy Kidney 10K…could something good happen at the Mini 10K?

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5 thoughts on “the hills again…no not *those* hills!!

  1. I am somewhat jealous of your hill workout. You are really going to kick some @$$ in the upcoming races. I will be eating your dust…

  2. I told you that your slump would eventually end. You’re back! Run some for me.

  3. TRD did a similar speed workout tonight – 3 loops of the Harlem Hills! Seems that your coach and I are on the same train of thought – aiming for the Healthy Kidney 10K. Glad you “enjoyed” (not sure if that’s the right word?) your first Harlem Hill speed workout.

  4. thanks!! we’ll see how the legs do on those hills with 2 miles of running behind me and no 4-minute rests 🙂 (plus in the past, my legs have been great in speed workouts, but couldnt get it together on race day…)and r26-i’d rather have run some of your recent race times this spring than what i did :-pjud-not sure if the coaches meant to focus on kidney 10k or whatever else, but i think it the workout did come at the right time!!(actually-the workout was in the opposite direction of those 2 10ks…)

  5. Hills are your friends:) Looking forward to the 24th…

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