the seventh inning stretch

Holy crap…I think all the cell phone and text message lines were burning up all over Yankee stadium after this surprise announcement during the seventh inning stretch.

I don’t know who was more stunned…the Yankee fans…or the Mariners’ defense….after that diversion, they couldn’t catch a ball to save their life…


6 thoughts on “the seventh inning stretch

  1. Mine wasn’t, and I was there. But I’m glad that you seem excited. I didn’t see it have any effect on Seattle… they couldn’t catch a ball from the start of the game!Good game, though!

  2. Yummmm…a reason for this Cubs fan to watch Yankees games.

  3. skylight-neither was mine, but if i knew you were there i could have texted you and made your phone crash again :-p as for whether i’m excited or not, let’s see if he’s what the pitching staff needs…BCG-never knew you were such a fan of the Rocket :-p

  4. Flygirl, baseball players are my weakness — especially 6’4 baseball players with big old burly arms. I guess I need to get out more.

  5. Well, a reason for me to ditch the Astros and get back to being a Yankee Fan again. I have been a Rocket Fan for donkey’s years, a living iconic figure – Bring on the K’s.

  6. the Rocket was never my favorite Yankee pitcher…though his best moments were the feud with Mike Piazza in 2000 😀

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