cumulus (cloud) 9

asics cumulus 9

Thank god!! No longer do I need to scour the Internet to find a pair of shoes that have been discontinued a year ago!!

I had heard that JackRabbit had the new Asics Cumulus 9’s in early (today was the official release date to certain stores) so I couldn’t resist making a stop there over the weekend and trying them on…unlike the 8’s, I liked these from the minute I put them on, and they looked fine on the treadmill.

Tried them out last night for a 6 miler with the “downtown” group run (an out-and-back along the West Side Highway)-and they have officially replaced the 7’s as being the perfect trainer. I give this upgrade a thumbs up-they feel lighter and more responsive, but substantial enough for everyday use. (And they look pretty good too!)

So Asics has been redeemed for now…well as long as my DS-Trainer 11’s last. Actually I’ll say-those shoes have quite a bit of staying power. Almost a year and 175 miles on them, and they handled a killer workout on the 91st street hill tonight (16 round trips, done at a sub-8 pace…nice!) just as well as they handled the first workout. And I still have another pair that have not been touched yet…

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