spring-just what the doctor ordered

ok, forget about that the Central Park drives and the West Side Highway are suddenly more crowded than usual. Yeah, I may be complaining once again this summer, but for now I’m letting it go, the trade-off with spring weather finally sticking around-is worth it.

After the brief teaser a coupla weeks back, I just needed this big time. Forcing myself out the door to run is a lot easier, the attitudes seem to have lessened, everyone is just in “spring fever” mode.

i’ll be toeing the line of yet another overcrowded NYRR race this weekend…first time in a month and a half. not sure i’m expecting much, just in it for the points race, to support the team, etc. but who knows, my last 3 speed workouts have been encouraging…not in PR shape, but hopefully all is not lost…

Quarterly company meeting with the financial update today…the smartazz in accounting decided to psych us out by playing “Bad Day” but then switched it to another song

BCG is not the only one to have issues with NJ Transit…I was in NJ Sunday for a b-day dinner for my mom and the trip back…well, the train was 10-15 minutes late, meaning that it missed the connection in Secaucus by less than a minute and I had to wait about 45 minutes for the next train into Penn. However, as long as the parentals live in NJ, NJ Transit has a monopoly on how I get across the Hudson…

And what is up with the Yanks’ bullpen? ARod’s heroics as of late have been all for naught…

I’m not sure I want any of the final 4 to win TAR All-Stars! I’ve been so ridiculously hooked on The Bachelor this season-there’s still hope for this one, at least this Bachelor cut the right women on last night’s episode (the ones least deserving to get a rose…)

And speaking of bachelors, I’ve decided no more talking about guys who have potential. I jinx it that way. You’ll just have to hear only the bad stories instead :-p

OK, this post has been all over the place…that’s what happens when you’re wiped out from a killer speed workout and you can’t think straight!

now playing: “beautiful liar” ~ beyonce & shakira

2 thoughts on “spring-just what the doctor ordered

  1. CHARLA AND MIRNA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No.I’ll even take Eric and Danielle over Mirna/Schmirna :-p

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