the calm before the storm

yesterday felt like that. literally.

Definitely felt that I made the right decision bailing on Brooklyn, though it looked like there were a lot of good times and a good brunch afterwards. I was able to sleep in, and do a run at my own convenience. That I did, 10 miles in the afternoon, when the weather was in the 50s and perfect. First double-digit run since the marathon and didn’t feel half-bad. (Could it be the cross-training that I have been doing has been making a difference too? Maybe…)

As I’m listening to the heavy rain now, I can’t even imagine what is going through the Boston marathoners’ heads right now. For those who had to defer this year’s entry-do you feel just a little bit relieved? (I remember I did before NYCM ’05, when I saw that it was going to be another scorcher…and well, you know what happened in ’06!!)

Tomorrow will be a big day, not just tracking my teammates, but we have someone new starting in our group-someone that will hopefully last longer than 2 months (we’re optimistic!) And continuing to help do damage control on another project…boy, never thought I’d see the day when a client says the word “f*ck” in an email (not directed at me or our company though-the damage was done on the client’s end.) That email is getting saved forever…heh heh.


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