down with winter

you’ve all heard me complaining about the weather before, but I’ll do it again for good measure…

For the record-I am really and truly sick of winter. It’s at least a week into April already, dammit-no more f*cking snow!!

I look wistfully at my cute spring/summer clothes and my singlets and shorts and want to be wearing those instead of layers and layers.

I want the weather to get and stay in the 60s regularly, not just a teaser here and there.

I want spring fever, enough of the winter blahs!!


OK, now I got that off my chest. I guess the lingering winter blahs have also led to me not writing many blog posts of much substance. (C’mon, you didn’t like my reality TV blog posts? What do you all think about the new Bachelor?? I do want to like him…but then he opens his mouth.)

As for running…it’s been seriously lagging. Been trying to maintain 20 mpw, but fell way short last week…I’m blaming the weather and the heavy workload though, moreso the weather. It’s been tough to force myself out the door when it’s still chilly out. This Saturday is the Brooklyn half and even though I know a lot of people say it’s a must-do, I’m gonna be sitting this one out. Forget what I’ve said in the past about Brooklyn, I’m just not prepared for a half right now. Yeah, I’ll miss taking the bus with the Flyers, hanging out before the race and having brunch afterwards, but I think it’s the right thing. (still hope that Queens shows up on the fall calendar!)

Which leads to another choice I need to make…I have 20 days left to claim my guaranteed entry for NYC, and honestly, I’m not even sure if I want to run a marathon this year. I guess I can always sign up and eat the cost if need be, but do I really want to do that…?

I’ll probably be at a couple of the short May/June races (e.g., the Healthy Kidney 10k, the Mini) but I think I’m also sick of racing in Central Park…the races, the starts are getting too packed to be enjoyable, or to really run/race your best. Don’t have any time goals yet in mind for those races just yet…was pretty discouraged by my running the last few weeks, especially during speed workouts…finally had a good one today, 3 x 1.02 mile around the Delacorte Oval, done at 7:35, 7:45, and 7:51 pace. Not my best, but much better than I have been churning out recently. So I may have turned a corner there. I’ve also made an attempt to get some cross-training back in to mix things up (namely my old favorite cardio kickboxing class and/or spinning)…maybe that’s helping too.

As for work…still busy, I can’t say I’m totally in the clear, but I have gotten at least one monkey off my back. (I feel like being cryptic right now :-p) And after a good 3 or so months where I probably had no business doing any dating whatsoever (no fair to any guy to have to deal with my pissed-off/stressed-out work mode) there is a prospect on the horizon. A certain couple of my blog readers/wing-women seem to have given this one a stamp of approval πŸ˜‰ but as always, wait and see. I’ve been thinking lately about how different dating is now compared to about 10 years ago and was gonna make a separate post on that, but will hold off for now.

Oh, and how glad am I that Passover is over?? I didn’t break it this year, but it seemed tougher than usual, there were a couple of days where I was feeling very low on energy from the lack of carbs. I don’t know how those on low-carb diets do it!!

And is anyone else besides me going to be unproductive this coming Monday tracking the Boston marathoners? With the new 10am start, now I can spend the whole day tracking as opposed to just the afternoon…yikes…

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8 thoughts on “down with winter

  1. As you know, marathons are 90 percent mental (the percentage can be argued with, but go along with me here). So if you don’t want to do NYC, don’t do it. I didn’t want to do a marathon the year after my first two; I knew I wouldn’t be into it, I didn’t want to plan my weekends around long runs, etc., so I skipped it. Do what makes you happy right now, and if training isn’t it, skip it. There will be other NYC marathons.P.S. The word I have to type in where it says “word verification” is B-I-U-C-H. Is that sort of like “biatch?” ;->

  2. tell me about it – this weather sucks…it is hard enough to get my ass up in central park when it is in the low 30s. as for reality shows – come on- Charla and Mirna for the win!!!! Amazing Race and Survivor are the only reality shows worth watching :)On hindsight, Inferno 3 looks pretty good-I would say you should just sign up for the marathon. Either way you can always cancel it right? You have 6 months till the marathon. Granted it is only 100 bucks, but throughout the course of 6 months, it is only 16-17 bucks month πŸ™‚

  3. I hear you loud and clear on the winter blahs!!!As for the running, I took a year off from marathoning for that reason as well. I just didn’t have the spark. It’s not a bad thing at all to take a year off and I must admit that it is nice to have your full day back instead of long run followed by a nap:)

  4. Good call on Brooklyn this weekend. It takes a lot to know you’re not ready, and I think you will be happier for it. I haven’t done anything with my NYC entry either… I think I may take it and defer to 2008 as soon as they let me. I’d like to run it next year, but if the races continue to be as crowded as they have been so far, I may not make my nine this year.

  5. am I one of your ‘wing-women’? :)i agree with your decision to postpone marathon training. Just take it easy for a while and when you get to a point where you feel like training, there will be plenty races at your disposal.

  6. i have a couple of friends that BQ’d and i will also be tracking them on MOnday instead of working!!

  7. BCG-maybe the word verification was sending a message :-p just kidding!!morrissey-nope, I’m rooting for the beauty queens to win! As for Inferno 3, I was so hoping Brooke would be on it…it wouldn’t be her thing, but just to see the constant meltdowns!!uptown girl-well the thing was with me, the long runs were the easiest to fit in, actually!! but it’d be nice to not always have to recover from 20-milers…sempre libera-i think i may still be able to get in my 9 (i actually have 4 already-and one of them was thanks to the blizzard…)runner26-yes you are ;-)justjunebug-oh i am gonna be quite the multitasker! just hope the weather forecast improves for them…

  8. AUGH! Bring on the Spring weather!

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