what is it with april 5th?

i know i was surprised last year

but again, this year??? snow on april 5th??

please weather gods, give winter a rest already…


4 thoughts on “what is it with april 5th?

  1. It’s stopped now, Flygirl. but those clouds up north look ominous.I’m so used to it. Chicago has flurries probably every other year during April. Opening Day at Wrigley wouldn’t be right unless temps are in the 30s and a few flurries are blowing around.Still, I’m pining away for beach weather!

  2. Hmm looks like it snowed today (April 6) and a possible 1-3 inches in the Philly area tomorrow. Guess it’s making up for the fact that I didn’t run outside much this past winter…

  3. and it snowed again today!!!enough already!

  4. Flippin’ freezing here in Chitown today, but no snow, thank heavens!

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