i guess everyone can tell that i need a drink

i leave my desk for 15 minutes and find a bottle of rosé brut champagne mysteriously sitting on my chair.

coincidentally, this one project that has been the bane of my existence for the last month has finally gone live (quote from a programmer-“the Messiah will come before this goes live”) apparently the champagne was a gift from the salesperson on the project (who i hope was able to tell that i have been none too happy for the last month!!)

nice, but still doesn’t make up for the lost personal time (not to mention the domino effect on other projects…)

and oh yeah, this is my 300th post. i dont know whether to thank all readers or apologize :-p

6 thoughts on “i guess everyone can tell that i need a drink

  1. 300th post? you should apologize.

  2. oh, and i was kidding about that last post 😉 i enjoy your blog!!

  3. yes, and you should apologize for not having the balls (or tits) to sign your name…

  4. OMG! It wasn’t me! Check your site meter, maybe you recognize the person’s server. (evil, but do-able).Incidentally, you are the fierceness.HC

  5. oh i didn’t think it was you…still have no clue who it was.not sure what you meant with your last line though…

  6. She means you’re fierce, which is a compliment!

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