new traffic guidelines?

Have there been new traffic guidelines set in NYC for pedestrians and bikers last time I checked?

Is it now OK for bikers to run right into pedestrians while the pedestrian had the right of way-meaning having the walk signal?

(ok, I did have the iPod on and didn’t hear the biker honking, but that should be a non-issue because he did NOT have right of way. or so I thought.)

I’m OK, just a little shaken and very pissed off. Like this week is not going bad enough…

7 thoughts on “new traffic guidelines?

  1. Technically you had the right of way. And yes, the biker is a jerk for not stopping when he clearly saw you standing there.BUT – your iPod should not have been so loud that you couldn’t hear him honking – it’s not safe. You’re lucky it was a bike and not a car! I’ll quote an old German ad that my dad loves: it’s a shot of a tombstone that reads, “But he had the right of way.”

  2. oh, you didn’t get that memo? Always look for a bike!

  3. sempre-oh believe me, i know i wasn’t completely in the right by having the iPod on (and i didnt even think it was that loud!) but i have had other shares of close calls with bikers even when I dont have the headphones on…uptown girl-if i did get the memo, it must have gotten lost in the shuffle with all the other memos and emails i have received this week…

  4. You definitely had the right of way!….this happens to me almost every day….was it a chinese food delivery boy on a Schwinn?And you need a smartini 🙂

  5. after the day i had, i think i need something more potent…

  6. Those delivery guys are hell on wheels. I was almost killed multiple times when I lived on the UES. I hope you’re OK. Do be careful when wearing an iPod — they can distract you from your surroundings big-time, which isn’t so bad when you’re sitting on the subway or bus. But whe you’re walking down the street, wearing one can make you a prime target not only for errant bikers, but also for pickpockets and other hooligans.

  7. To echo SL’s comment, if you could not hear the bike honk zee ipod was TOO loud… the other drawback is that you may end up injuring your eardrum; studies have shown, blah, blah, blah… Okay, I’ll shut up now :-)Happy running…

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