a girl can dream

OK, call me crazy, but I actually really like this commercial…besides the song being one of my favorites…well…a girl can dream that Derek Jeter-esque hotties look at me like that when I’m running, right? 🙂

(key word here is “dream,” kids.)


2 thoughts on “a girl can dream

  1. Derek Jeter has never done a thing for me. I think he looks like a jerk. Taye Diggs and John Stamos, however, have done very much for me. Figuratively, of course and, unfortunately.Flygirl, all the guys are checking you out when you run!!

  2. I’ve actually preferred Andy Pettitte to Derek Jeter (though Jeter wins in the whole Jeter/ARod rivalry…)And I didn’t even realize that was John Stamos in the commercial at first…long way from the Full House days…and a certain guy checking me out does not count :-p

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