spot the bloggers


how the Flyers spend a snowy Friday night the night before a cancelled points race…

(and yeah, I know either myself or someone else has used the title before…)

3 thoughts on “spot the bloggers

  1. That was me you ripped off, Flygirl. I’m going to sue you for plagiarism.

  2. oh yeah? we’ll see about that.where’s a defense lawyer when I need one?:)

  3. Where, oh where? Guess I’m obligated.Plagarism? Are you kidding? BCG, I can’t believe this defamation against NFG! Your allegations are not only both false and frivilous, but they’re so false and frivilous we’re going to countersue for slander, libel, false light invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution and abuse of process. Oh, and don’t forget those “bribes” that you’ve been making. And by “bribes,” we both know you mean extortionate threats. Juries don’t like extortionists, BCG. Oh, they hate them. They hate them so much that they might impose punitive damages on you for your mistreatment and abuse of NFG. But, we’re reasonable people. And so, I’d like to give you an opportunity here, BCG, to . . . walk away. Just walk away.(NFG: You can expect an invoice in four to six weeks.)

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