pointless race

as much as i hate winter, never have i been so glad that it came when it did.

tomorrow’s NYRR 8000-which was at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am! (i can understand it in August, but in mid-March? though I bet that was because of the 8K champs afterwards) has not only been pushed back a half-hour, but will no longer be a club points race. which honestly was the only reason I signed up. whether i actually run it or not will be a game-day decision, but at least that pressure is off…

still doesn’t mean I’m thrilled with this weather. I’m not. especially after those 2 spring teasers this week.

update 3/17:

looks like the decision was made for me, today was turned into a “fun run,” but considering how it was a workout walking through the snow last night, i didn’t even bother setting the alarm this morning…and seems that quite a few others at last night’s Flyers happy hour were relieved too that it became a pointless race…


2 thoughts on “pointless race

  1. “Pointless race” — what a great title! LOL!

  2. hey-it’s true!! 🙂

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