so what the hell do i do with the extra days?

i got a surprise when I was emailed my ’07 attendance history today…

so since i am in my 5th year of torture tenure here, apparently i get an extra week of vacay this year…so 3 weeks instead of 2 (in addition to 5 personal days, 4 summer days, and about a month’s worth of banked sick days from the last coupla years that I probably will never use up…)

and i’m not even excited about it. seriously, what will I do with an extra week? i can’t even use up the 2 weeks I have previously been given, I always carry at least 5 days over each year…


10 thoughts on “so what the hell do i do with the extra days?

  1. Treat yourself to a fabulous vacation!! Seriously — you, of all people, deserve it. I know some companies can be prickly about taking your days in big bunches, but to be honest I think that’s crap. Once you’re already gone, an extra week or couple of days doesn’t increase the workload on your colleagues by *that* much.Now the only question is, where do you want to go?

  2. I vote for Paris. The exchange rate sucks in all of Western Europe, though. Be prepared for severe sticker shock if you go anywhere around there.

  3. A week!? Nice! I just hit 5 years at my job, too. They gave me one extra day. Whoopee.

  4. I’m with SL. You need a vacation. I dare your boss to give you any grief over it. I vote for a beach vacation — you won’t have to do anything but lie in the sun.

  5. Believe me, its not that I don’t want to take the days, or a vacation-we’re so overworked and understaffed and I’m barely getting my work done as is…I feel, is it really worth it sometimes to take a week off, when there is no one else really to cover and I’m still going to have to get everything done…which is why I never use up all my days…it’s not that I don’t want to!

  6. Putting my manager hat on for a moment: you’ve already talked to your manager about your workload, right? If so, it might be worth having a follow-up conversation with her to talk about taking some time off. If she’s any good as a manager, she’ll know it’s not in her interest to let her employees burn out. Assuming that she knows that your workload is a problem, I would suggest scheduling a meeting and telling her that you are really worn out, based on factors you’ve already discussed. Give her a chance to acknowledge that you’ve had that discussion, and then follow it up with the fact that you now have an extra week of vacation and would really like to take a full week off to get re-energized. Then comes the important part: Ask Can you work with me to make sure I can do this without compromising deadlines or leaving anything without coverage in my absence?That approach shows that you’re committed to getting the job done, but also emphasizes that you need a break.FYI, if one of my guys was in that much need of time off and I didn’t know it, I’d consider it a personal failing on my part. Don’t forget to factor into the discussion any comments or observations your manager might have: if she views the overwork as resulting from ineffective time management (for example), hopefully she’s already communicated that to you. Be sure you’re ready with a response about what you’re doing to address any performance-related points she could raise. I’m not implying anything by that last statement, by the way; I don’t know the details, so this is just general advice aimed at ensuring that you don’t get caught off guard. Good luck!

  7. easier said than done.though ss is right about a couple things…

  8. If you can’t take the time off see if you can roll over days from prior years into cash.But… cash won’t give you a tan.

  9. sun is bad for your skin anyway :-p(who am i kidding…)you actually reminded me, the company actually did add that as an option this year. i was able to use the ’06 carryover days for, uh, “doctors appointments,” but next year…

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