guess there’s another way to hit the wall…

yeah, guess i got off too easy in the marathon 🙂

ok, even though i did have a conversation with my boss last month, I’m still not completely out of the woods, especially on one project (which is one that is also trying the patience of several others) let’s see…Monday i was at work til 10pm, Tuesday until midnight, Wednesday until 8 pm. you can imagine what Thursday was like, right?

Repeat of this day. I really felt like I hit a mental and physical wall…my body was so exhausted that it just said “stop” (well after i turned on the computer to email my group and say I was taking a sick day) and slept until about 2 and barely left my bed all day.

Well the fact that this has happened twice in two months I think is a warning sign, and I’m tired of feeling like crap day in and day out, not to mention my running being affected too. I’m also tired of doctors (primary care physicians) who tell me that nothing is wrong with me and pretty much treat me like I’m a couch potato, when I know runners/athletes/active people do have different needs…so if anyone knows of any good doctors in the NYC area, I’m looking for recommendations!! (I do have a suspicion of what’s going on, but I have yet to have a thorough test for it…partially because one said doctor says I don’t have it if I were able to run the marathon…)

And to think I’d be more excited about Daylight Savings Time coming earlier. I’m just more bummed about losing an hour of sleep. Thank god for 10:15 am race starts


6 thoughts on “guess there’s another way to hit the wall…

  1. Two words: “sleep deprivation” or perhaps “over worked”If you’re working those hours consistently you are understaffed. Try to hire some help or if you can incur the overhead see about getting an intern.Can’t help you with a good doc – I’ve always found mediocre doc’s myself.

  2. yep…amongst other things.wish it were that easy. we haven’t even replaced the one that left yet. (The one that quit with no notice after 2 months doesn’t count, she never should have been hired in the first place…)

  3. you’re overworked and burned out… cut back on your working hours…I am not a Doctor, but I did want to become one as a child…May the wind be behind you during your race…

  4. My doctor, Dr. Bagner in midtown is by far the best! If he takes the Board of Education health plan, he will definitely take your insurance.

  5. believe me if i had a choice i’d be out the door by 5:30 each day…these days i don’t seem to have a choice…

  6. melissa-thanks! i checked it out and looks like he does…let’s see what happens!!

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