devil with the blue dress on

centerpiece on the Flyers table

yeah, i figure the title was appropriate given my attire for Club Night-and don’t anyone start about how I really am the devil. (Oh, and this was the other dress I was deciding between for the Flyer awards gala.)

If anyone remembers, I organized the Flyer tables last year and was a sucker and volunteered to do it again this year. Though I did have a teammate help me out, it was a little bit more of a task this year, betweeen getting down to the wire to get recruits and communications between NYRR and us being not as good as they were last year…but whatever, we got the job done. Fellow blogger BCG joined me and 18 others to celebrate our team yet again!!

Our teammates had done good this evening…not only did our men get an award for second in the Open B Division (guys, this year will be your year!) but our veteran superstar won the award for her age group…I thought she was robbed last year, so was very glad to see her get it this year!! πŸ™‚ (and also inspiration that hitting the next age group does not always mean you slow down…as she had improved greatly the last couple years.) And once again, I think our tables’ cheering had the highest decibel level πŸ™‚

and eventually came the dancing part…same DJ as last year, and I think same songs as last yearjd and i (well, except for “SexyBack” since I always have to request it…it’s a thing.) Wasn’t as impressed with the DJ this year…I think the one at the Flyers awards gala played much better music (more 80s stuff, and more current stuff too.) Flyers FR, PD, SC and JD were my dance partners for most of the evening…well when guys twice my age were not trying to hit on me. Yes, I like older men, but there is a limit!! (I know I hit a new age group last year, but this was ridiculous…why can’t guys my age be interested, dammit!! But one of them was quite persistent…after me, he tried hitting on BCG, then Madame President, then Madame President’s husband!)

Unlike last year, when I think I was the last Flyer standing, we had quite a lively group this year that stuck it out til “New York, New York” (the last song of the evening.) JD was intent on keeping the party going and suggested we all hit Faces & Names for a round of post-party drinks. Which we did, and had a coupla more hours of drinks and lively conversation, and I don’t know how the ass photos got inspired (see BCG’s blog for a hint) but it was still pretty funny. (If a certain few of you are reading…memories of a certain someone’s b-day, perhaps?) Before we knew it, was about 2 am and we all headed home.

Was a pretty fun evening…but in a way, a little bit…bittersweet…but hey, as the song goes, “i get by…with a little help…from my friends…”

now playing: “show me what you got” ~ jay-z

2 thoughts on “devil with the blue dress on

  1. HI CUTIE!!!!!How is it that I am seeing this blog??!! I actually clicked the link by accident, I was signing on to work on my own. If I am really really able to be here, I will catch up soon, just wanted to say hi and nice to see your cute face.You look great in the blue dress!:-)HEIDI

  2. haha…i think i look like a blue whale in that dress (seriously, I think i need to get second opinions when it comes to these dresses before wearing them in public…) but thanks anyway…

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