no two snowflakes are the same

thank god yesterday’s Snowflake 4-miler did not live up to it’s name, but dayum, it was cold.

I did mean to get there early enough to watch the guys, i swear i did, but it wasn’t the cold that derailed those plans-nope, instead it was damn snooze button. I did get there by 8:30, and cheered on a couple of Flyers that were finishing around that time before I had to chuck my baggage (smart move on NYRR’s part to have separate baggage checks for men and women) and line up. One of our team scorers saw me and pulled me in to line up with her, but when I saw that we were right behind the elite corral, i knew I had no business being there and moved back a little bit until I saw another teammate that is around the same pace as me. With under 10 minutes to go until the start, it was damn cold-in the future, for cold races like this, I am going to bring handwarmers to the start (I didn’t wear gloves because I knew I’d take them off before the halfway point.)

Anyway, Mary Wittenberg kept her usual pre-race speech short and sweet and the women were off. Thankfully, no wave start this time (guess the male/female split start took care of that) but it was still a bottleneck at the very beginning-but once that cleared up, it was fine. My legs and lungs were not feeling an all-out effort today so I made a game-time decision to tempo this one. Hard, but comfortable, and I had the iPod with me so it wasn’t all that bad.

Actual run itself was pretty uneventful-final stats are 33:47, 8:26 pace, splits 8:23/8:14/8:40/8:20.

Content? Yes. Thrilled? No. But at least I did not have to stop a half dozen times to walk like in the Kleinerman 10K. Still a little apprehensive about getting my “race game” back. I think Chelle kinda sums up how I’m feeling about “racing” in the next-to-last paragraph of this post

modeling the new black Flyer shirt
Afterwards, a bunch of us (including BCG, R26 and NSA) headed over to Urban Athletics, where they were having a party/sale for the Flyers. I did damage to my credit card with the new black long-sleeve Flyer shirt, and a warm Sugoi top/jacket (50% off, not too shabby) in red. After that was a brunch meeting with the other Flyer captains, a long nap, and a game night that BCG hosted. Unfortunately I had a little too much wine which left me completely useless today.

The snowflakes are coming down now. Here’s hoping my office will have a delayed opening tomorrow…

10 thoughts on “no two snowflakes are the same

  1. nice job on Saturday!

  2. Nice job. I think I saw you passing on the east side.I’m thinking you didn’t get a delayed opening today:)

  3. Nice run. Glad it’s warmed up a bit. Any chance you’ll do Coogan’s, even though it’s a 5K? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂

  4. whooo hoooo, even splits. very good!

  5. NSA and uptown girl-thanksrunner26-your’re not the only one who’s trying to talk me into it…arrrgh, is it worth it for only a 5K?mtnrnr-i think they woulda been a lot more even if it werent for Cat Hill (mile 3)

  6. …arrrgh, is it worth it for only a 5K?AAACK!!! “Only a 5K???” Hey, 5Ks can be pretty tough to run. It’s not just about finishing – granted, some of my pre-speedwork warmups are longer than 3 miles – but about getting as close to your anaerobic limit and looking good doing it. It can be harder to run than a half-marathon.:)

  7. you got it, and that’s exactly what i mean, why i don’t like shorter races. but i think a mutual friend may have convinced me to front-load and run it…(and btw, why were you not at the shindig tonite?)

  8. agreed with jud – 5Ks are hard!!!!!! btw- excellent job!!!!!!! awesome comeback!

  9. It was COLD! Nice work!

  10. thanks guys 🙂

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