a text message dialogue

me, 5:24pm: “hey-got your message-sunday not good unfortunately-hopefully we can catch up soon”
him, 5:35 pm “ok speak soon”
him, 5:50 pm “how about dinner tonight?”
me, 5:53 pm “already have plans…sorry” (i did-co-worker’s b-day drinks after work)
him, 5:54 pm “no prob. you’re popular!” (and another co-worker said i shoulda texted back “and you’re not”)

i cannot believe i am saying this…but may derek actually be right about something?


7 thoughts on “a text message dialogue

  1. Hahaha… SEE??? INTEREST!Now I sorta feel ball is in your court, tho.

  2. Sounds like this guy’s just disorganized. I say you be the one to suggest getting together on a date that gives you both sufficient notice – and if he bites, then let his previous behavior slide. It’s just one date and you don’t lose anything by trying… Good luck!

  3. one thing not mentioned-he had asked me out for sunday-but just over to his place. call me old-fashioned, but something felt a little “off” about that, as we had not really gone out once, barely knew each other, etc… (i wasn’t the only one that got that vibe)yeah derek-ball is in my court. see what happens.

  4. also derek-what you were right about was that it was “off” to ask someone out last-minute on a friday night. jury’s still out on if he is honestly interested.

  5. The answer to these type of questions is: “No. Not free tonight.” Then, if interested, “But I am free on X.” He’s just trying to feel out if you’re interested while giving you an out if you’re not.. . . but, I would be on the lookout to make sure that he is capable of making advance plans sometimes and isn’t, as SL says, “disorganized.”

  6. hey miss popularity!I say no gamesjust give him a chancehave fun

  7. Yeah what Jon said. For some reason I wasn’t thinking he was talking about Friday night … It is a little odd that this guy thinks it’s somehow remarkable that a pretty girl would have made plans for a Friday night by Friday-day. And yeah I also agree Flygirl it’s pretty odd to invite a girl you barely know back to your apartment, even if only for coffee.

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