renewal, rebirth, reboot, re-something

i should be so lucky...

last nite was the annual Flyers‘ Chinese New Year dinner. with that, was my first speedwork attempt since late September. I don’t know if it was the glorious mid-40s shorts weather (which quite a few thought I was crazy for wearing shorts,) or lacing up my beloved Asics DS-Trainer 11s (more on those below) for the first time in awhile, but it actually felt better than the mindless miles i’ve been slogging out recently. of course, i’m too much of a competitive biatch to say i was really satisfied (being that i was way behind those i used to beat), but i survived. last night’s method of torture was “300 meter” (my split times-ranging between 1:09 and 1:20-said there was no way it was a full 300 meters) repeats as hard as possible (read: a positive splits workout), recover fully back (i made sure i jogged those babies…one mistake i used to make was doing recoveries too fast) and repeat and repeat until the coaches said when (turned out to be 12 round trips for me.)

then was the dinner part…this year was packed to capacity!! lots of friends, Flyers, food and sake (ok that part didn’t exactly fit :-p) we were all gifted at the end with the red envelopes in the picture above that included, among other things, a lottery ticket for last night’s lottery. I didn’t have a winning ticket, but i just had to laugh when I saw last night’s numbers…who can guess the significance of 2 of those numbers to me? As for the fortune, I didn’t like my first one, so I took a second one, which is the one you see above. did it come true? I did get an encouraging email about a certain something today…hmmm, maybe there is something to those cookies.
tonight I decided to take advantage of yet another shorts weather night and joined the Flyers group run…ran with NSA but for reasons I will not go into here, it was a “it-was-asposed-to-be-a-recovery-run-but-wanted-to-get-it-the-hell-over-with-ASAP.” Well, I’m giving myself 2 days recovery before the Snowflake 4-miler Saturday. I’m obviously not expecting to break any speed records, just wanna support the team for the points race, and possibly begin my defense of my Frequent Flyer award. Besides, now that we know what the course for the race is, I’m more curious to see how many people are going to complain about racing on the 72nd Street Transverse while it is still chopped up.
If any of you are in love with the DS-Trainer 11’s like I am, be careful if you decide to buy the 12’s before trying them on. Completely different shoe. I had to size up a half size because the arch was in a different place, the heel was way too narrow, my orthotics didn’t quite fit…thank god JackRabbit still had the 11’s in my size in stock. Guess I’ll be hitting the Internet for my next pair of 11’s when I need them…awww Asics, between the Cumulus 7’s and now this, you’re breaking my heart!
This is how cynical I have become. One of the guys I met Sunday night (actually the one I liked the most) called me last night (got my voicemail) and said something along the lines of “this may be last-minute, but I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink tonight or something” (obviously I couldn’t because I had other plans) I should be happy, but instead I am wondering “why did he call me last-minute? Did he have other plans that fell through and I’m just sloppy seconds?” Yes, I have been played too many times that I can’t believe that there is no ulterior motive. Or something.
Good part of email being down all day yesterday at work: certain clients that constantly bugger me via email cannot do said buggering.
Bad part of email being down all day yesterday at work: Catch-up!

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5 thoughts on “renewal, rebirth, reboot, re-something

  1. You can;t say you’re not able to run any more. 12×300 is a tough workout, even if the 300s were a bit short.P.S. when I still used to date (many years ago ago), I would generally pretend to make “last minute” arrangements to make it sound more casual.

  2. “why did he call me last-minute? Did he have other plans that fell through Maybe, but gosh, he just met you … how can he tell whether he likes you yet?

  3. thomas-hence the post title.derek-i dunno, isnt there a “rule” or something about that?

  4. Only for Friday and Saturday nights… mebbe thursday.

  5. Looks like you had a great return to racing yesterday. Welcome back to running; wasn’t the same without you.

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