reality (tv) used to be a friend of mine

the premiere of Amazing Race All-Stars just aired…I’m sure if anyone else thought that Romber and the Family Edition ruined the series, then you were looking forward to watching this as much as I was.

Looks to be a good season, except for the fact that my favorite team was eliminated first, and that Rob/Amber won the first leg…arrrgh, I really don’t want this season to be all about the 2 of them again!! Plus they don’t even need the million…I hope they are eliminated soon!! (And who the hell wrote their profile? “America’s Sweethearts”?)

On the other hand, it’s good to see that certain mistakes got repeated (always check arrival times as well as departure times!! $20 says also that at least one team will drive to the pit stop instead of walking…or use regular fuel in their car instead of diesel…)


2 thoughts on “reality (tv) used to be a friend of mine

  1. OK first things first HOW THE HELL DID ERIC and DANIELLE end up on the same team? I taped it and it didnt seem like they were “dating” to me. Frauds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry but I am going to root for Charla and Mirna. I started watching TAR ‘cus of them!!!!!Man if team ‘Bama was around…..there would be more drama and ‘tude!

  2. I started watching TAR in season 3…so I was sad that JVJ got eliminated, I was never crazy about Teri/Ian. There are quite a few other teams that I thought should have made it…would have been interesting to see Colin/Christie against Charla/Mirna again 🙂 Or if Jonathan/Victoria were back…man would that have been a trainwreck.

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