those who can’t do, write

The other day at work, I helped one of my colleagues write a profile. (Funny thing about said colleague-his profile showed up once in my JDate search prefs a couple years back-and vice versa. Back then I was like “oh shit” when I saw he viewed my profile, now we just laugh at it. I actually was surprised that he showed up in my prefs…back then we couldn’t stand each other, he’s gotten nicer now.)

I have never laughed so hard at one of those things. Basically, the point was to poke fun at all online dating profiles-that they all say the same thing and if anyone can see past the sarcasm in the profile, to contact him. (my favorite part that I contributed was saying that the last book he read was the “T & E guidelines and sexual harassment manual.” teehee.) Anyway, it all got past the censors.

Kinda reminded me of something of mine that didn’t get past online dating censors that I meant to blog about for awhile but for whatever reason, didn’t. On another site, I wanted to put up a running picture of me…but I wanted to make it one I actually liked (I’m not always crazy about all my running pictures) and one that I can easily white out the number and if I have a Flyer logo on, that it’s not easy to see. So I tried this one from last year’s Club Champs.

And wouldn’t you know, it gets rejected by the censors-due to showing too much skin in the picture. Excuse me? They can accept pictures of guys wearing nothing but Speedos…it’s not like I had a wardrobe malfunction in that pic or something, I was decently covered!!

Maybe I oughta try again-this time use a picture where I’m wearing the naked shorts. teehee.

now playing: “don’t bother” ~ shakira


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