west side gets no love

OK-when it’s at least 40 degrees, I usually don’t complain about having to trek from the west side over to Engineer’s Gate for the Flyer group runs. Actually, if it’s during marathon training, I do welcome the extra mileage.

Tonite’s group run, was a major exception to that rule. Well first off, even though I was sorta fooled that it didn’t feel as cold as it really was (that’s what happens when the UWS is at least 5-10 degrees warmer than where my office is-right by the Hudson and seemingly always situated in a wind tunnel) Running that half-mile around the reservoir felt like walking in sand-not surprisingly, the reservoir was in it’s usual post-snowstorm state (read: unplowed.)

But, made it to the meeting spot, and it was a low turnout tonite-BCG, her co-leader and one other Flyer. So we set off, and no one protested when we decided to do the lower 5 instead of the full 6. It actually wasn’t so bad once we got going. Was a nice night-though IMHO…the best scenery was running in the other direction on the west drive…heh heh 😉 East side once we passed Cat Hill was a little more slippery-lots of black ice there and one of our runners almost bit it-he was fine though.

When we were done, the 2 east siders headed home and BCG and I were trying to decide how to get back over to the west side…didn’t want to chance the rez again, figured the M86 would do. Oh how little we knew…

First bus we saw arriving-not the M86. Fine, another one would be here soon.

5 minutes or so later, one did arrive. It said “Out of service.” Fine, another one would be here soon.

5 minutes or so later, one did arrive. It said “Out of service.” And no, unfortunately I am not kidding here.

We waited and waited…and mind you, I was dressed for running, not for standing still. Not only could I not feel my legs, but my Mizuno gloves which work extremely well while running, had no effectiveness and I couldn’t feel my fingers. I could barely speak in full sentences and knew I had to get inside so I begged a doorman to have mercy on me and let me in the lobby to warm up. Oh and before I got inside, another bus came by….but our hopes were once again dashed as it was “Out of service.” So I ventured back indoors.

After a few more minutes, BCG hailed a cab and we both decided to have him stop at the Starbucks on 86th/Columbus as a hot beverage was definitely in order. And once I regained the ability to speak in full sentences, one thing we both said is that “this is definitely going on the blog.” A caramel apple cider/cinnamon dolce latte and some chatting later, we were both ready to face the cold one more time to get home.

And this is why I say the west side needs to have equal representation when it comes to run meeting spots!! Unless this is supposed to toughen us up or something :-p

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4 thoughts on “west side gets no love

  1. About four years ago, my co-leader (jbl’s predecessor) and I held the Monday night run on the West Side. We had very few takers until we moved East. Wouldn’t hurt to try it again if the leaders are so inclined; membership demographics change over time.

  2. Oddly enough, I had a similar experience this week with the dreaded crosstown bus. I watched SIX (yes count ’em up!) buses go west while I was trying to go east and this was during rush hour. In addition, I also watched two out of service buses go by going east before finally a bus stopped. MTA, at your service…

  3. Flygirl, this is why I feel I could never run for a position. I’d be spending my whole life getting to the meetings. Yes it seems unfair, but I guess that’s just the way it is. I am excited for the new downtown runs. It’s like I finally get to be a part of the club! You guys were pretty tough out there!

  4. SS-yep, i do remember you telling me about that once. like i said, i usually don’t mind the extra mileage, but during the winter, with the rez and bridle path in a bad state, it’s tougher to actually get to the run! or maybe if there can’t be a west side meeting point, maybe a pickup point (BCG-take note of that! that may be a better idea!)Uptown Girl-i hope you were dressed warmer than I was!! (and i bet someone is gonna ask-nope, I wasn’t wearing shorts. :-p )runner26-location should not dictate whether or not to run for a Flyer position…we have people in Brooklyn, Queens or even further downtown that are in office or have an appointed position. It would just mean that not everything can be on the UES. (trust me, when I work in Chelsea, getting to the UES for meetings was a trek so I hear ya!) I too am looking forward to the downtown runs-closer to work and a nice change of scenery!

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