BrunetteChicagoGal said she would call me before our impromptu Flyers happy hour to make sure I actually would leave the office…by the time she called, not only had I already left the office, but actually had some time to do some window-shopping :-p

The happy hour was at Slate, a cool bar/lounge in the Flatiron area that I hadn’t been to before, despite working a couple blocks away for 5 years. It was fun (though someone was missed…or not, teehee.)

And it was so warm running yesterday and today (above freezing, yay)…I actually contemplated putting on the shorts.


OK, here’s something I need a little advice on (BCG-I already know what your answer is.) There is a Jewish singles thingie next Sunday and the bar that it is at is not just within walking distance, but stumbling distance of my apartment. Unfortunately, my friend that I usually go to these things with is dating someone so I doubt she will come with me. Most of my other Jewish friends aren’t into these events. So…the burning question, do I dare go to something like this by myself? (knowing if it’s lame, it’s not like I have to go far to go home…) Or would guys see me as being a loser for doing that?

And decisions, decisions…at 10pm, do I keep watching the Grammys, or turn on The Apprentice?


8 thoughts on “intervention

  1. You know me; always wanting to get my two cents in again and again. I think a woman who shows up alone to a singles event comes across as confident and enterprising, and anyone who thinks otherwise is not worth your time anyway.And like I said, if all else fails, you might meet some fun new girlfriends.So there!

  2. haha…these things are NOT for meeting new gal pals.(why am i still torturing myself by wanting to go to these things…do i NEVER learn?)and FWIW, the guy I had met at the event last memorial day weekend was there solo and I thought nothing of it…

  3. Just sit at the bar and look bored. You’ll be more approachable that way.Seriously as long as you can come across as reasonably confident being alone there’s no reason not to go solo.However, I do advise giving up the whole “stumbling” thing, please…

  4. I have another suggestion. Ask a married friend to drop the ring for a night and be your wing-woman. Your married friends/co-workers have no pressure to meet men of their own; so they can save you from creeps or direct studs your way without conflicts of interst. Erin’s done this for friends on several occassions and usually has a good time.

  5. I say go it alone:) I like what BCG said.

  6. You didn’t miss me at sssssjlkjljkSlate???? ….oh, forgive me ncjkhjksh…I’m so hysterically crying that I just can’t type ….tehehe

  7. NSA, we missed you!!! I don’t think Flygirl was referring to you, were you Flygirl?

  8. BCG-you know who I’m referring to ;-)(and yes NSA-you were missed-you best be at the next one.)and between comments here and off the blog, the solos are winning…derek-want to give me another word to describe a place being closer than walking distance?

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