a brief clothes shopping rant

please ladies, let me know if I am imagining things here…

so i wanted to do some clothes shopping…primarily, I wanted a new pair of jeans, as I have seem to have outgrown some of my older pairs…

and I went to Express where I tried on a pair of jeans-in a style that I already own and fits perfectly…so I tried on the same exact size…and they did not fit at all. Needless to say, I was so disgusted I left the store empty-handed.

Is it me, or are the clothes manufacturers fucking with the sizes again?

And why is it that the only styles of jeans or pants I see in stores are “slim fit” or “skinny fit”? (which neither would fit since I am neither slim nor skinny…even when I weighed 20 pounds less than I currently do, my hips and thighs were always a problem area.)

I just find it frustrating…yeah, it’s great that fashionistas want to ban too-thin models from the catwalk to set a better example for us all…but what the clothes manufacturers do-only designing clothes that don’t fit a majority of the population-feels like a little bit of a slap in the face. Stop confusing us, please!!!


6 thoughts on “a brief clothes shopping rant

  1. It may just be that they’ve changed the cut, or that your proportions have changed slightly – you may just need to try another brand. In any case, I totally hear you on the runners’-thigh challenge. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting into the skinny jean trend, but the few that I’ve tried on just aren’t meant for anyone with a butt or with quads. It’s pretty ridiculous. As a result, I’ve decided I’m going to skip that trend entirely and go straight for the next one: trouser jeans. I think they’re much more flattering and they look chic.

  2. yeah, maybe. but it wasn’t that long ago that i bought the same style-maybe the end of last summer?-it’s tough finding a tried and true style and then having to keep looking.i’ve never even considered the “skinny jeans”…if it isn’t boot-cut or flare-leg, it ain’t getting a try-on from me.though i may look next at the style you mentioned…any brand recommendations?

  3. hey….I have a big ass AND runners thighs, and it sucks. The only thing that fits me is Gap “long and lean,” though I am neither. Their “curvy” is not.

  4. I have absolutely experienced that. In fact, I’ve tried on two pairs of the same jeans in the same size and found that they can fit very differently. Also, I just bought another pair of my favorite Gap style, but this time I was able to go a size down — a size I haven’t worn since college. Now, I’ve lost weight, but not enough that I weigh any less than I’ve weighed at any point in the last ten years. So while I love wearing the smaller size, go figure on how manufacturers pattern their clothing.BTW, skinny jeans are ugly and will be on their way out soon, methinks. Totally trendy, not worth your time. I still wear my flare-legs and couldn’t care less if they’re not the latest thing. And as Sempre Libera said, trouser jeans also are great. I’ve had a pair of them from Express for two years and love ’em — and they still carry the style, so you might want to check out a pair of those.NSA, I am very curvy and find the Curvy jean to be just what I need. So maybe my ass is big in a different way??? ;-P

  5. NSA-I had that same Gap jeans dilemma and I believe I commented about it once on BCG’s blog…

  6. I have a pair of Banana Republic trouser jeans, bought about a year ago, that I love. I think JCrew carries similar styles as well, although their jeans don’t fit me. You may also want to check out http://www.zafu.com – I’ve heard it makes pretty good recommendations for denim brands based on your body type.

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