enough is enough

when, may i ask, do you know when you’ve reached a breaking point?

would it include something like this…yesterday morning, having absolutely no energy to get out of bed (the fact that i was chilly and was under 3 blankets had nothing to do with it)…in fact I had barely enough energy to reach for the laptop, turn it on, send an email out to my group saying i was taking a sick day and after that i went back to sleep til 2-something in the afternoon?

i guess my boss guessed it was a “mental health day” than an actual sick day…while i was talking about some other things, i let what has been bugging me out-and said no more. i can’t do the crazy hours and weekends anymore. she seemed to understand put the blame more with our salespeople. so right now even though i have a mini-reprieve and my job may be safe for now, still doesn’t mean i should stay in it…

but as a result, i finally made it to a Flyers group run in lord knows how long. though it was good to get out there, the fact that i have slacked off for the last 3 months really showed as i was struggling to keep up with the group…guess that problem is never going to really go away…oh, and the fact that i couldn’t feel my a$$ by the end of the run, it was soooo cold…

I hope that that little groundhog proves what one of my teammates was saying wrong…i am so ready for there to be an early spring!!!


5 thoughts on “enough is enough

  1. Good for you for being upfront with your boss. She’s asking too much of you (of anyone, for that matter). And good for you for taking the mental health day! Mental health cocktails tonight!

  2. I hope you get OT flygirl!

  3. We’re hiring, but I am guessing that you are overqualified…

  4. BCG-well, i think my boss was on my side…it was actually sales that was asking too much (i’ll explain more later)derek-ha! no way. (do you think i’d be complaining as much if I was actually getting compensated for OT?)josh-now thats a first-all I’ve been hearing is that I am underqualified! (or too junior, same difference…)

  5. We are looking for an Operations person / office manager type. email me if you or someone you know would be interested.

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