hello again

ok, got my arm twisted to re-open this thing. gah :-p just an FYI-this was closed to everyone, not selected people. I really needed a time-out of sorts. I’m sure you all understand. (though i wish blogger would have let me put up a “on hiatus” page or something.)

a couple of things-there are some new policies with regards to commenting (which I will leave you all to figure out…) and while I can’t promise that this blog will be all cute happy fluffy bunny posts, i will make an honest effort to control the bitchiness.

job front-still not good. we just had someone quit with no notice last weekend (although the consensus was this person should have never been hired in the first place-only got the job through knowing someone…didnt even last 2 months!) so me and one other person are taking the brunt of it, and as a result, 12-hour+ days and weekend work have become the norm (I’m writing this post while at work!) As I’ve said before, it’d be one thing if all the overtime I put in would be worth it in the long run, but honestly-there is no future with this job and I am in “survival mode.” Job search-not going well either. Anyone know anyone in NYC who is hiring…?

Running/exercise-non-existent. Which is frustrating, because I really miss it, I miss running with my teammates and I know it’s not healthy to be so inactive (another reason why I am frustrated at my job-I feel they are really pushing me to have a very unhealthy lifestyle.) I’ve pretty much given up all hope of a marathon this year-I have just lost way too much speed, endurance and fitness-and even if I were able to start running again tomorrow, I don’t know if I’d get everything back in time to begin a marathon training program and do it right. Running a marathon slower than your PR is one thing…possibly DNFing is another. I guess there’s always next year, but that does not mean I am not disappointed, because I am. As much as I may have complained, I really enjoyed my training for NYC and was really looking forward to training for another fall marathon this year.
yes, i was a rebel and did not wear the team colors (red, white, black)
Probably the highlight of the year so far was the Flyers awards gala last weekend. Always nice to have an excuse to get dressed up (although I think I goofed with my dress selection-I needed a few extra inches of height and a lot less pounds to really have pulled that look off!) and kick back a few (although mental note-I am not 21 anymore, therefore I cannot drink like I am) and hit the dance floor (god bless the DJ for playing “SexyBack”-in addition to a lot of other good dance and 80’s songs) and to see a lot of people that I absolutely adore and that I’ve really missed. And I actually did get an award-was one of the “Frequent Flyers”-that award going to the top 3 in each gender who completed the most number of points races in ’06 (I had done 10 of 11-I skipped that 5k at that evil stadium.) So I get I think a free item of Flyer apparel for that-not bad. I may be biased, but I really like that award-and I would even if I wasn’t a recipient-as it’s one that really rewards participation, no matter what your pace may be. A few other bloggers won some well-deserved awards šŸ˜‰ and our Flyer of the Year was very well-deserving as well. (I joked with him that he was like the “Susan Lucci” of the Flyer of the Year award-up for it so many times before finally winning!)

I don’t know how often I will be able to update…unfortunately, there really is nothing interesting going on in my life right now. (and yes, before anyone says it, I do know that it could be worse…) And I know that bitching about work can get old-it does upset me to write about it. But if anyone has any advice for me to escape from the work situation…I’m all ears. Please. I really want to start getting out there and living my life…instead of sitting at a desk and watching my life just pass me by.

And as for the big game tonite? I honestly don’t care who wins, as long as 7 and 7 come up at the end of at least one of the quarters…c’mon, I can use the $$$!! (I think these may be the best numbers I have ever gotten in a Super Bowl pool…)


13 thoughts on “hello again

  1. Glad you’re back. I’ve been feeling the need for another blogger happy hour, but this time with more Flyers, so keep your ears open!Don’t write off a 2007 marathon yet. After every single one of my marathons, I took at least two months off and focused more on hitting the gym than the running path, and I was still able to run another marathon the following year. Muscle memory, ya know.

  2. yeah, but i really have not been able to do anything…no running, no gym, no nothing. the long work days have just been wiping me out and AM workouts have just not been happening. believe me, I’d gladly get out in the subzero weather if only I had the time and energy to. So will I still be able to do a marathon after months of being an absolute slug-especially since I don’t know how much longer it’s going to go on for? (I’m just following what I’ve heard…for each week you take off, you lose 2 weeks of fitness. So I’ve lost at least 2-3 months and counting. Anyway, someobody correct me if I am wrong-I’m just going by what I was told.)happy hour sounds good-just make the start time late enough-or have somebody intervene to pry me away from this desk…

  3. Living in Manhattan can be a bit of a trap, I think. You think you need the big salary in order to afford the expensive apartment, and then when that job starts making you miserable it really limits your options. But I have friends who live in Brooklyn and Queens and are happy there. And you can pay the rent in the outer boroughs doing all kinds of things. I mean it sounds like you are never going to be happy in your current job, and it sounds like there are only so many openings in your field? So maybe a radical career change is in order… you just have to be willing to take a pay cut to pull it off. Scary to think about, I’m sure, but it sounds like you could use a big change in your life.How about trying to come up with a multi-tiered plan for the next six months? Plan A would obviously be to find a better job in your field, but how about a plan B, C, and D?Grad school? Becoming a personal trainer? Selling all your belongings and taking a year to travel through Europe while working odd jobs? Hiking the AT? All things to think about little Flygirl. The world is your oyster!!!

  4. welcome back! Your dress was great–not a goof at all! It was a fun night–and sexyback was a great choice. I agree with bcg. Once you get back into running for even a couple weeks, you will feel it come back. It’s probably best to take off a few months–you’ll be able to fully recover before bringing yourself back to marathon shape. I know it’s hard now, but you’ll get through it. Hope to see you at some upcoming flyer events??

  5. You are entitled to at least a month off after the marathon, so in reality, you’ve only “slacked” for two months. You can get that back. This evil streak at work isn’t going to last forever. My only advice is that, impossible as it may seem, you’ve gotta draw an imaginary box around you and not let work come in. Whether that means 20 minutes of crunches and sit-ups in the morning or 10 minutes of quiet meditation in the evening or 15 minutes here and there of whatever will help you relax, make the time. I was working 70-75 hour weeks at one point in my teaching career, and it was going to be the death of me. There came a point where I had to say ‘enough’ and make time for ME. I know what you’re dealing with.

  6. derek-i think i know what the next move is that i want to make in my field…just dont want to go into it here. we can discuss off here…runner26-thanks. as for the dress…i think it should have been (i’m sure you guys love this) shorter-it kinda cut my legs off at the wrong spot or something-guess shorter women need shorter dresses. or something. i’ll be at club night, and i’m debating whether or not to sign up for the snowflake…hoping they have the whole wave start thingie figured out by then…BCG-i guess i just need motivation. or something. i still dont know how i got 7 or 8-milers done before work when training for NYC!!

  7. Hey, we finally agree on something!!! You are 100% correct, that dress should have been shorter. You still looked good tho babe.

  8. One more comment, and then I’ll shut up: I am having the same motivation problems. Maybe motivation isn’t the word, but not having run more than 7 miles in two years, I am freaking out a bit regarding my half-marathon and marathon goals this year. I’m not sure my body will remember how to run that far. So I got Yelbis and another female Flyer to join me in long run training for the Brooklyn Half — I just need a bit of help to get back into the groove. You’re welcome to join us, although we’ll be doing a 10-minute pace, which might be slower than you want to do.

  9. welcome back! I here I thought it was personal… šŸ™‚

  10. Welcome back! I missed your blog too — thought it was me (not too paranoid am I?) And I think the dress looked great!

  11. Yeah!!!! She’s back! It was so much fun running with you again tonight….even though the one certain unnamed ubiquitous Flyer decided to complain about awards. Of course, I won’t mention the award that I should have gotten :)I hope you’ll train with me and BCG!PS I loved your gala dress! Considering the Flyer photo album consisted of mainly you….I’m not the only one who thought you looked great!

  12. said Flyer also said that this was going to be a very long winter. we’ll see…as for the photos, it helps that i’m friendly with the photographer (and he was my successor)…and according to a certain someone, the gala dress made me the “prom queen.” (I liked your dress too…)and i think quite a few others (wrongly) thought the hiatus was personal…

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