Rx: martinis

so 4 Flyer bloggers chugged down some much needed martinis and gossiped about all of you at Kanvas last nite.

On the table are the remnants of a pomegranate martini, a strawberry martini and two chocolate martinis. Match the martini to the blogger and you win…nothing :-p

(and yes, 3 out of the 4 of us did get the memo that jeans and black tops were the designated attire for the nite :-p )


6 thoughts on “Rx: martinis

  1. Hee hee; your blog and mine look all too similar today!

  2. ahahaha! just a right click and the photo is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!

  3. If they’re flavored, they’re not martinis!

  4. Now why do those girls look familiar 🙂

  5. Accd to wikipedia: New specialty “martinis” are being made every day, using many different combinations of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, splashes of cream, and brightly colored liqueurs.So I guess while we were not drinking traditional martinis, they were listed as such on the menu. Whatever you call it–it’s good stuff!

  6. let’s just say “nonmartini martinis” to please jbl :-p

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