not the decision i wanted to make. but the one i had to.

this post title is mainly referring to the Flyers 2007 exec board elections. As I previously hinted, I did get nommed for something. Specifically, 2 nominations for president (supposedly I did get a nomination for VP too, but that never was confirmed…) As much as I would have loved to have been involved in next year’s exec board, I had to decline my nominations. The primary reason is-you guessed it-work. I still will be an active Flyer, and will still be involved, but can’t be to that extent right now. I already had to slack on my Flyer responsibilities the last couple of months due to the workload kicking me in the ass, and since the situation does not look to be getting any better…just wouldn’t be right to take something like this on. Honestly, I thought I’d be relieved to get a year break, but I actually feel a little disappointed. First off, there is a great group of candidates (including 2 fellow bloggers-I’ll let them out themselves if they want to) that would have made a great team. But moreso, having to put aside something that would have made me happy because of something that does not make me happy at all (this may be the topic of a future blog post.)

This weekend went by way too fast, as has seemed to be the case lately…yesterday I took pictures of the Holiday 5-Miler and then attended our “Meet the Candidates” event. Even with 2 uncontested positions, this is going to be one very close election-so many great candidates. Last night was a very fun 70s-theme party (I had to raid my mom’s closet for this one-she actually had a very cool top that she wore in the 70s. I wore it last night and it was a hit) and today was a lazy day of sorts. But last night was just one of those good nights that i really needed big time after this past workweek.

As for the running, I’m actually feeling a little better about it, especially after talking to a few of my teammates-good to know that I’m not alone in feeling like this. And I had a little talk with Coach J yesterday after the candidates event-he gave me a little debriefing of my marathon training. And as for future goals-he told me based on this marathon-where the training plan wasn’t one to give one an “optimal” performance, but just to get to the start for the first time-that a BQ is definitely in my future, possibly as early as my second one. Of course, whether that will definitely be the goal next year has yet to be decided…(i’m thinking 3:50 for now-will be adjusted based on how the spring goes.)

Ran 20 miles this week-highest since the marathon. 4 days running, 2 days spinning, finally sorta feeling back on track. And it is December 3rd and I have yet to wear tights once since I put them away for the spring/summer 🙂 Though I have a feeling that might come to an end this week. Just hope it will be shorts weather on Sunday-I already have my outfit picked out :-p

6 thoughts on “not the decision i wanted to make. but the one i had to.

  1. Sometimes you just do what you’ve gotta do. In the case of the Flyers, you’ll be connected and involved no matter what. Like you said, there’s always next year to get back into the swing of things on a formal level.BTW, I think you’ll need to pull out the tights this week — much to your chagrin, I’m sure.

  2. I saw a chick in tights yesterday on my run. Somehow the fabric over the backs of her legs had worked its way northward, so that it was tucked into the leg holes of her underwear, if you can imagine what I’m describing. It was very unflattering. So my advice is to take advantage of these warm days to make sure you have the right underwear for your tights!I think it shows a lot of class to be able to decline a solid nomination. Don’t worry; there’ll be plenty of things to volunteer on when you’re less busy.

  3. Nothing wrong with turning that down. Positions on the board are fun but extremely time consuming. Sounds like there is plenty to keep you busy right now. Ah work.Welcome back to running. Look for the red and white pom poms come sunday:)

  4. Unfortunate that you had to turn the position down but probably for the best. When life gets out of hand you have to pull back a little.

  5. Well. life can suck at times – believe me, and it gets in the way of running – but there’s always next year for the board – Hang in there.And us for other things – I wish I lived in NY, or you could move to Dublin 🙂 (Ducks!)

  6. well, now that the fifth and sixth have hit us with cold weather, I’m guessin you got the tights out. I finally had to get running pants out. Didn’t feel too bad, but I prefer the shorts.Good to see you’re back at a good weekly mileage.

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