still alive

haven’t said much lately, but still alive.

the holiday weekend-1 day on long island, the remainder in NJ, was low-key and relaxing…not long enough though. lot on my mind lately that’s been bothering me. (give you all 3 guesses what that is…more possibly to come in a future post…)

running has been kind of crappy as well. 3 weeks after the marathon and still don’t feel like i have my legs back. did 4 miles tonight and completely felt like i was dragging. Hope I don’t put up a totally embarassing performance at the 10K next weekend…

got 2 noms for a position on the Flyer exec board…have til the 1st to decide whether or not to accept. let’s just say this is going to be a tougher decision than last year, as there are other (non-Flyer) factors in the decision…


6 thoughts on “still alive

  1. There’s no way you could realistically expect your legs to be back just 3 weeks after your first ever marathon. Just be patient.

  2. Hang tight and keep building your fitness.I hope that things settle down a little in your world.

  3. Echoing what Thomas said, I could barely run a mile a week after any of my marathons, and even after a month, I was maybe doing 3 comfortably. Your legs and feet have been through a lot. As for what’s on your mind, I’ll bet I know. If I’m right, the topic vexes me, too. But neither of us should let it eat us up.

  4. Ditto on that. Although I did a 10K about a month after my first one, I didn’t really feel like racing for several months after that (and that’s like my favorite part of running!). I was just cooked. And it was over a year before I decided a second mary was a good idea. Patience is key.

  5. congrats on the noms! Though i know the decision will be hard–you’ll know what to do. Good luck getting back into running…I think you just need this break. Take advantage of the extra time and do some (non-running)things you really enjoy.

  6. re: running-guess i am a little envious of some of my teammates that seem to get their speed back instantaneously after the marathon, and are back racing and PRing like a week or 2 later…plus I’m just sick and tired of being so slow, I can’t join in any group runs because of that.BCG-if the topic has anything to do with your blog post on monday…maybe you guessed right. I’ll say this much, men are not the problem for a change (but it will be, i’m sure, unless this problem gets resolved…)runner26-extra time? what is that? 🙂 as for the running break, it must be over if i want to be able to fit into my clothes (damn holidays with all their cookies and chocolate)as for the Flyer exec nominations…the decision has been made, but I’m not saying what it is yet…but what I will say was it wasn’t the choice I wanted to make, but just felt forced to make it at the time.

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