"so, what month are you?"

these were probably the 2 most-used pick-up lines at last night’s Raising Heartrates Calendar kickoff party. my post title-and “are you in the calendar?” (not to mention the follow-up when you inform guys that you’re not in said calendar “oh, you definitely belong in there.”) I should know because I heard all those lines several times last night. yeah-nice try, guys.

But still, was a great time. Took place at a swank bar in the Meatpacking District, PM Lounge. The kind of place where the prices of my glasses of wine were in double digits, and the drink special was a (pretty good) $8 passionfruit-type cocktail-kinda makes you wonder what the non-special price was! (Now I know why I have not gone there before, even though it’s within walking distance from work.) The place was absolutely packed-but I still saw quite a few people I knew-from the Flyers, and from other tri clubs. (actually-I had also seen on the evite that an obnoxious trainer I had once used had RSVPed yes-I kinda wish I had seen him so I could have rubbed my marathon time in his face. haha.)

taking it easy tonight. 2 late nights in a row (Wednesday was an industry happy hour that was pretty much only attended by my company, and I think after that night we will have lost our privileges to expense our drinks at the next one), rough workweek and I’m just beat.

good luck to those running Philly on Sunday!! And to those of you running the Race to Deliver on Sunday, good luck-I’ll probably be taking pics, providing I wake up in time 🙂

And I am going to run tomorrow, goddamit. I’m not really liking this inactivity anymore.


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