i’m so excited. and i just can’t hide it!

my marathon bib!

the M34 and M42 buses packed with people carrying clear UPS bags filled with goodies…yep, can only mean one thing, expo time is here!! I wanted to get it out of the way early, so I met up with my teammate TB earlier this afternoon and we hit the expo!

And guess who checked my registration card? Fellow blogger Brooklyn.

So, we got our bibs, goody bags-and our long-sleeve NYCM tech shirts!!! Yep, they’re going high class this year for the race souvenir. Really nice shirts too…

We then split up for a little bit do do some browsing/shopping and then met back up after a half hour. For me, this was the damage:
  • new pair of Mizuno Breath Thermo gloves to replace the ones I lost near the end of the winter. (And the guy at the Mizuno booth who rung me up said “Go Flyers!” to me though I didn’t even recognize him…he said that he’s seen me at races wearing my Flyer singlet and that “yeah, you’re well known.” I bet he’s a blog reader. teehee.)
  • a pair of $2 throwaway gloves for the startrunning diva shirt...not the one i got though
  • a pair of black Nike Tempo Track shorts that said “Run NYC” on them
  • a long-sleeve shirt that says “running diva” on it. (and TB got the same one and we’re planning on that being our post-marathon party attire!) c’mon, that’s soooo me…
  • a free LiveStrong bracelet “if I promise to wear it on Sunday.” I said I’d wear it while I’m passing Lance (is anyone else hoping he bonks? that’s the consensus I’m getting.)

a couple more amusing pieces of attire I spotted at the expo…

asics has a sense of humor...who knew

I think Asics had the right idea with this one…

marathongs!And from the same people who made the running diva shirt…I’d never wear this but it was just too funny to not get a picture of. Especially since I know this is a very common slip of the tongue πŸ™‚

So exciting to get all this stuff (the bib, chip, etc…) and actually be able to use it this year!!

Tonite is the Flyers pasta party…yay!!

And how great does Sunday’s weather forecast still look?? High of 52, sunny, low wind!! Looks like singlet weather to me, considering I felt warm in long sleeves during my 4 miles this morning and it was in the 40s!! (I will have makeshift arm warmers for the start though…)

6 thoughts on “i’m so excited. and i just can’t hide it!

  1. I never had that much fun at an expo! Nice buys, esp. the running diva shirt. Should’ve got the thongs though … :)Good luck Sunday!

  2. YEah!!!! enjoy the long long run this weekend!

  3. i am SO excited FOR you!!!!

  4. hehe! one can never have enough running stuff.the marathon shirt you show: I bought that in the long sleeve version at MCM last year;)the marathong: one of my teammates bought it:-p

  5. OMG! LOOOOOVE the “running diva” shirt. must have one! Whoever hasn’t been to the expo yet, pls email me, I will give you money to buy one for me. (I know you have lots of NYF readers, Flygirl). πŸ™‚ Great seeing you last night – I was just biking in the park, the finish line area is a mob scene with internationals, everyone is so happy and excited, what a great energy. You’re gonna do awesome! HEIDI C

  6. Come on….I know you bought the marathong!As for me…I saw some stuff I didn’t buy that I really want….I might go back today. See you on the bus, flygirl!

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