five stages

Found this one on the Reservoir Dogs’ message board-I was amused by it so I’m mentioning it here…

Quoted from one of their members:

Tapering for a marathon can be extremely stressful. I always seem to go through 5 distinct stages:

1 – Relief – “Woohoo, no more long runs!”
2 – Boredom – “Where’s the remote control?”
3 – Neurosis – “What was that crack?” “My shin/knee/hamsting/ankle/butt hurts.”
4 – Hysteria – “Aaaahh!!” “Why did I skip that 16/18/20 miler? I’ll never be able to run 26.2 miles”.
5 – Elation – “I did it!”

Hmmm….and for me…

1. Check!
2. Not so much. I’ve got plenty keeping me occupied.
3. mmm-hmmm. I’ve been guzzling Emergen-C like it’s water and popping Halls’ Vitamin C drops like they’re candy.
4. Not really. I’m actually pretty content with how I trained for this one.
5. We shall see on Sunday!!

In other news, got an email from my great-uncle today…did I ever mention he was a marathon runner too? If I haven’t, well yes, he has run NYC 26 times. But has since hung up his marathon shoes-his last was in ’04 at age 80…this time will be participating from the sidelines (volunteering.) In that email chain was one from my dad to him talking about their viewing plans for the day…where my dad mentioned “…she sent us her projected schedule, which i’m sure will be too optimistic for a first time marathoner…” um…yeah. good to know you have such confidence in me. (there were quite a variety of times on there, FYI…some yes, slower than 4 hours.) guess he didn’t mean for me to see that email…

At least the weather is still looking good…perfect, in fact.


11 thoughts on “five stages

  1. Does your dad know enough about marathons to make an informed judgement? Maybe he sees 3:45 or whatever your projected finish time will be and just thinks “Holy shit, that’s fast! I hope she’s not going to get hurt.” Either way, you’re going to kick butt.

  2. Ha! I love the taper list!Best of luck – We’ll be looking forward to a report!

  3. That’s funny about your dad’s comment–in a dad kind of way. I’m sure that he wasn’t intentionally disrespecting you.Have a great race!

  4. Weeeeelll HI!!!!!! I guess I’ll see you soon to chat in person but I did want to address that hurtful comment. It is true that most people have to ‘learn the marathon’ once before actually achieving their actual marathon potential. It is very rare that someone can do that the first time running 26.2. Also, did you ever post your actual time-goal? I thought I remembered reading “sub -4″. In view of your running experience, recent results, course famliarity…plus great weather expected. Sub- 4 is a VERY reasonable goal for you, with future potential to hammer way down into the low 3:50’s or even 3;40’s another time if you choose to pursue it. On Sunday, forget the comments and just run within yourself. STick to your plan like glue. The worst that could happen is you cross the finish line thinking you could have gone faster? Believe me no matter what pace you go it will hurt. :-XAnyway – sometimes people say stuff cluelessly, and sometimes they really do mean to send a message of lack of confidence. Conversely, some people, especially super gifted athletes, do the opposite and tell you ‘of course you can” do stuff that you really CAN’T..because they cannot imagine not having it come easily. That is why you have to look at the facts, not the comments. I am pretty sure you have broken 1:50 handily in several half’s this year. That is a pretty good indicator. You’ve had a consistent training cycle, you have educated yourself , and you have patiently waited for your chance. You have a VERY reasonable goal.Stick to your plan and if you have anything extra left by the time you hit the park, let it rip. You WILL hit your target. GOOD LUCK!!!! Heidi (forgot my PW so i am posting anonymously)

  5. I’m poping the vitamins like crazy too and have become a bit psychosomatic…Stick to your game plan and you’ll have a great race.

  6. Don’t take that comment the wrong way. I still find it somewhat amazing how hard my first marathon (which actually went phenomenally well) was near the end. That’s why the range of goals is important. With that said, you’ve done the work. You’ve got the research, the strategery, the cheering section. Stick to it and you’ll be fine. It’ll hurt at the end, but so does every other race.Before you know it, too soon really, it’ll be over and you’ll be thinking, “What do I do with myself now?”I’ll be cheering in BKN. Good luck.

  7. i don’t think my dad’s comment was particularly hurtful, it was just….I guess what BCG said, misinformed. And anyone who knows me (and that should include the family) should know by now that I do my research when it comes to big things, and that includes setting realistic goals.Heidi-yep, I would like a sub-4, but if I do get it, I have a feeling that will be closer to 3:59 rather than, say, 3:50. And yep-you did tell me that about potential in a debut marathon quite a whiles back and took that into consideration as well 😉 That’s why even though some people (who will remain anon) who think I should try for a BQ I just dismiss as well :-pjon-where are you gonna be? if it’s in the early miles, I’ll be on the left side with the other oranges. (and yep, i will be needing those cheering sections to the fullest extent!)

  8. Good luck…I’ll be looking for you out there!

  9. Go get ’em this Sunday! God Bless!

  10. You are going to totally bust four hours Flygirl. Just remember:2LEGIT! 2LEGIT 2QUIT!2LEGIT! 2LEGIT 2QUIT!Are you going to run with headphones, by the way?

  11. LMAO!!God bless XM satellite radio!!! (i should download that baby in the next day or 2.)No headphones during the race for me-I won’t need em 🙂 (might bring just for the bus and for waiting around on SI…)

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