"it’s the final countdown…"

(this blog post title is inspired by one of my teammates/readers, who could not get this song out of his head for a very long time :-p )

still cannot believe it, but there is less than a week to go. the work is done. this week is all about carbo-loading, resting, expo-visiting, other shopping, light (no more than 10 miles total) running, visualizing, daydreaming…the list goes on.

yesterday i was talking game plan with la familia, about where they were going to catch me on the course…i thought “oh shit, this is really happening this time.” unreal.

Anyway, my last double-digit run until next Sunday was the last 10 miles of the marathon course with the Flyers. Was good practice-while I have done that last mile several times, miles 16-23 of the marathon course were still unknown territory to me and now I know where to expect the hills, and where to request my family cheering section. Anyway, I ran the first coupla miles with Runner26, then ran with another teammate for the remainder. The part where we entered the park was fun, since it was perfect timing-the leaders of the Marathon Kickoff 5-miler were just beginning to approach. Before we left the park around 67th street, we managed to cheer for 2 of our speedy guys as well as a bunch of others 🙂 Finally, we finished up, and a bunch of us headed to brunch at Westside Brewery. The food was great there, as usual…was a mini-bloggers convention (Skylight and Derek were also in attendance-though the latter was not being social :-p) …good conversation on anything from the marathon to me declaring that the infamous Sugoi shorts I wore in the Staten Island Half will now be known as the “naked shorts.” :-p And before the run and during the brunch, I put my new toy to good use 🙂 Can’t wait to try that baby out during a race that I’m not running…

So that’s it. Nothing left to do but put trust in my training, that it got me to the start line and will get me to the finish line. Oh, and still obsess about the weather. The latest update from weather.com is looking pretty good…


8 thoughts on “"it’s the final countdown…"

  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your taper and I’ll see you next Sunday:-) I’m practicing my cheers…:-p

  2. cool new toy!…and thanks for the weather update! I was looking at the flyers photos from the tune-up, and I can see everyone except you….you are going so fast it’s blurred! So cool!

  3. Marathon Sunday is so near at hand! Yikes.Good luck and I’ll see you out there…

  4. Good luck on Sunday. See you at the Pasta Party!

  5. Ok, I’ll just make two suggestions for you. This is gonna’ be one of the top two priorities:1. i hope you loaded enough songs 2. remember to charge the ipod!nice camera though, take good care of it!

  6. its all yours girl!! i cant wait to “stalk” your progress on Sunday!

  7. The tenner yesterday was a fun one! It went by so fast! Let’s hope the weather forecast doesn’t change. Rest up this week and don’t forget to hydrate!

  8. uptown girl-yay! i’m sure you guys will put the “Bring It On” cheerleaders to shame :-pnot-so-anon-yeah, i noticed that too-i posted one of those on my recrap from that race. they got some good skirt piccys of you!josh-thanks! hopefully we’ll finally meet this time instead of missing each other :)BCG-yep, i’m psyched for Thursday (well moreso because its a west side event. teehee.)morrissey-no iPod for me!! I think a race like this does not need one…junebug-heh heh…you and quite a few others, i’m sure.runner26-i agree, and it was great running with you yesterday too!!

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