greetings from PA

yep, the timestamp is right. it’s almost 5am and i’m wide awake. and never will i complain about working the day shift again.

blogging from a hotel room in a Philly suburb where I had to supervise something for one of my projects from 7:30pm to a little after 4am. OMG, i thought it’d never get done.

i desperately need some sleep right now as I have been awake for 22 hours straight…but damn, the coffee I had during the evening did a number on me…sigh.

(oh and instead of printing out MapQuest directions from NYC to the hotel, I printed out 2 copies of the directions from the hotel back to NYC. Never fear, I’m great with following directions in reverse. Yeah. As long as MapQuest doesn’t screw up. Which it did at one point.)

replies to previous comments to come when I am back in NY and on a faster connection than this so-so wireless…


4 thoughts on “greetings from PA

  1. Yeeh-Hahw; Ain’t nothin’ like an all-nighter in PA.My apologies 😉

  2. you must REALLY love your job.:)

  3. Seriously though, get some rest and don’t expect too much from your next run.

  4. ha! didn’t have much of a choice in this matter. i’m just glad i got assigned to one thats somwhat local and during taper time.i just did 2 dreadmill miles today and believe me i didn’t expect much-i couldn’t wait to get off of it. (but I can’t stand the dreadmill anyway.)

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