a fortnight away

2 weeks…2 weeks to go before the big day.

This weekend consisted of another pair of back-to-back medium-long runs, but less mileage than last weekend. Both went very well. Yesterday was 12 miles and took that relaxed and easy-and ended it with an out-and-back over the Queensboro and then ran to the Columbus Circle subway station, which meant getting acquainted with the incline along Central Park South. (still no Marathon Route banners up in Central Park, but on the Queens side of the bridge, I caught a glimpse of something Jon did last week too…a blue Marathon Route banner!) Today was a 10-miler which was an out-and-back from my apartment, down Riverside Park and the West Side Highway to Houston St. and back. I timed the part once I got to Riverside Park…and the “out” portion was at a 9:10 pace, the “back” at an 8:35 pace. Obviously I had something left there!! Let’s hope the same strategy plays out 2 weeks from now…

Oh yeah-and I decided I will be attempting to go on the wagon for the next 2 weeks. I knew there was no avoiding alcohol this weekend-between a Flyers happy hour on Friday (where I knocked back 3 spiced vanilla mojitos-hey, I needed those, the kind of workday that I had), then last night was a doubleheader between a watermelon martini for a teammate’s birthday, then a little bit of red wine later in the evening at a dinner for another teammate who’s leaving NY. So that’s it until the post-marathon party. (We’ll see how successful this is…)

Mileage-wise, I ended up just under 35 this week. The next 2 weeks will have more dramatic cutbacks-this coming week 20 miles total (capped off next Sunday by running the last 10 miles of the marathon course) then the following week will be 10 miles at most before the big day. No weekday runs longer than 4 miles. As for other non-running stuff…well, Coach J said to me “an important objective for the taper period is to minimize stress.” I say easier said than done. Is it just wrong that I will be screening all phone calls when I am off Wed-Fri before the marathon because I don’t want anyone from work bothering me?

And a quick scan of the message boards says everyone’s antsy to get their registration card/bib number for NYC…a quick check back to my blog last year says that the numbers were up for over a week this time last year. Wonder what’s the dealio this year…

In case I didn’t need anything more to obsess about, the 15-day forecast is up at AccuWeather. I know this will be subject to change a million times between now and race day but…

Saturday Night, Nov 4
Partly cloudy. Winds from the WNW at 10 mph.
Realfeel®: 40 °F
Low: 43 °F

Sunday, Nov 5
Times of clouds and sun. Winds from the WSW at 7 mph.
Realfeel®: 54 °F
High: 57 °F

So far so good. Still looks like singlet weather to me. (well yeah, considering yesterday’s run was in the low 50s and windy and I still had to take my short-sleeved shirt off because I was getting warm.)

And congrats to all the Chicago runners today!! (I tried tracking the 2 Flyers I knew were running…the site wasn’t updating anything past their 5K for hours! And what about that men’s finish…? As for the women’s race, I guess that is a lesson learned in what good pacing shouldn’t be 🙂 )

now playing: “don’t stop til you get enough” ~ michael jackson


5 thoughts on “a fortnight away

  1. Ahh yes the weather obsession. Let the games begin!

  2. LOL – the forecasters can’t get the predictions correct for tomorrow let alone two weeks out. But I have to admit I will be checking often!Good luck with holding off on drinking. Being sober is good for health and running but it puts a strain on the social life!

  3. … in case you didn’t recognize me while you were whizzing by, that was me saying hi somewhere around Chelsea Piers.looks like we ran about the same route. i hadn’t run down the west side for a year, and had forgotten how nice it is.

  4. Loads of luck with your taper down, and weather watch. I’m not even running Dublin this weekend, but I have so many pals coming into town, I’m as nervous checking the forecasts as they will be.Don’t forget the post race party the weekend after the race as I’ll be in town and want to hear all about it.

  5. danny-i had my music on so i didn’t hear you calling my name til after you passed (and i did look back briefly but wasn’t sure who it was.) good to see you and yes, the west side is a nice route (just wish there were more water fountains!)josh-wasn’t too hard to refuse liquor during my trip. tomorrow is a b-day lunch for a co-worker, i’m sure wine will be abundant. this will be tough…

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