staten island half pics

nearing the finish... finished!

ok, i guess you can make the call…were the shorts too revealing? or just best saved for a non-windy day?

more partially nekkid pics here


12 thoughts on “staten island half pics

  1. I guess the decision depends on whether the wearer of the shorts wants to reveal that much. I absolutely wouldn’t, but that’s just because my legs aren’t my best feature. You have nothing to worry about, though. You look great!

  2. hm. jury’s out on this one. I don’t think black is the right color for those shorts. I don’t know, I’d have to see them in non-motion.

  3. My favorite shorts are Adidas ones that look a lot like yours. They’re teeny – especially when it’s windy – but I love them, and that’s all that matters!

  4. short shorts indeed. I recently got a pair of shorts that have the long split up the side and they show a lot of leg (my tattoo too). A touch revealing but wicked comfortable.It’s a race not a fashion show. Wear what works best for you.

  5. I don’t think they’re too revealing, but that’s up to you. More important is how you feel in them, and if you think they’re good for running fast, keep them.

  6. to me they’re too short. but thats me. you rocked that race girl!

  7. Just wear what you feel is more comfortable.and oh shit- you got the black nano!!! That is prob the best color in my opinion. Sorry for all the non-black ipod users 🙂

  8. Those shorts . . . SL’s Adidas shorts. I’m all for them! ;)BTW, I like the “in the first few miles” photo. It a neat angle for a race shot (in addition to highlighting that you’re showing a lot of leg).

  9. thanks for the feedback. the shorts are staying. :)(well they always were staying…just maybe not worn on any more windy days!)i don’t know why i was feeling so modest about this particular style though!! i guess i don’t always feel that my legs are my best feature (besides the fact that i get freakishly warm when running, another reason why i try and hold out wearing shorts as long as possible in the colder months is because i really hate how running tights look on me…if this makes sense at all…) and yeah, whatever feels best while running, just didnt know if this pair bordered on indecency… 🙂 sempre libera-that style is very cool. my favorites are actually the ones i wore at Club Champs…i’d wear them in a half but they don’t have a pocket :(josh-you’re telling the wrong gal that it’s not a fashion show 🙂 (if anyone remembers that my race reports used to feature fashion reports…)morrissey-i always had the black nano! 🙂 the new colors look pretty cool though (but only come in the 4GB model)jon-yeah, i thought so too!! (was the photographer lying on the ground or something to get that shot?)

  10. I agree with what everyone has said…the MOST important thing is comfort! 🙂 That’s why I love my Nike skirt :)Congrats on helping the Flyers ROCK in Staten Island!

  11. i’m all for running in the least amount of clothing as possible and comfortable.

  12. They seem fine to me, but what do I know, I’m just a guy. 🙂

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