bring on the taper!

and not a moment too soon!!

capped off my last peak week, 41 miles, with the Staten Island Half meant to be run around marathon pace-ish….close enough…

Mile Split Mile Split
1 8:46 8 9:21
2 8:32 9 8:54
3 8:46 10 8:52
4 8:50 11 9:00
5 8:56 12 8:57
6 8:44 13 8:24
7 8:43 .1 :47

Final time of 1:55:32, 8:49 pace. I guess technically it’s a PW but I really don’t want to count it as such since I was not racing it.

Some notes on the race today…

  • Was very underwhelmed by the course-now that I’ve done halfs in all 5 boroughs, Queens will continue to always be my favorite.
  • Miles 6 and 7 were fun as that was where the turnaround was so I could see runners going in the other direction and cheer them on. And thanks to the Flyers who cheered back, and to the 4 Rez Dog guys who were cheering for me too 🙂
  • Mile 8 had a hill that was a bigger bitch than I am.
  • The Mile 12 point psyches you out, because you can see the finish area, and at that point, you just wish you were there…
  • The song I am listening to now is one of the coolest songs to have playing on your iPod when sprinting to the finish.
  • Weather was nice-would have been perfect marathon weather with a little less sun and a lot less wind (the NYRR site is full of sh*t…3 mph wind, my a$$! I felt like we were running into a headwind the entire time.)
  • Good thing about the shorts I bought the other day: they felt at times like I was wearing nothing. Bad thig about the shorts: they felt (and probably looked) at times like I was wearing nothing. (My teammate who bought the same ones had the same consensus.) Can’t wait to see the Brightroom piccys for this one…
  • The 8:30 am ferry was a mob scene. As a result, exiting the ferry was a mob scene. And I’m sure baggage was a mob scene. I’m sure quite a few people missed the start (or maybe not, looked like it was delayed 10 minutes.)

So not too shabby considering I did 15 on Saturday, right?

Not kidding there. My coach’s reasoning behind it…total weekend mileage is only 2 more than last weekend-it’s just broken down more evenly. It would be a good strength-building weekend, as long as I took it easy. And you know what? He was right.

Anyway, yesterday was the Flyers’ annual Fall Foliage Run through Croton-on-Hudson and around the Croton Reservoir. (I actually recognized a couple of the roads and landmarks from the Need For Speed relay!) Was a pretty run, with the leaves changing colors. I took it very easy, which was not too hard to do since parts of the run is on the road and I was trying to follow directions I was given. The organizers and volunteers once again did a great job (there was a water/Gatorade stop every 3 miles-nice to break the run up like that.)

So whereas 15 miles would have did me in for the weekend a few months ago, I was still able to get a good run in today. Granted, not a PR effort (and that was his reasoning for scheduling this weekend…to ensure that I wouldn’t race the half!), but 13.1 quality miles in the bank…and surprisingly, not feeling sore at all (but I bet I will tomorrow!)

I think I can do this, kids.

now playing: “think about the way” ~ ice mc


8 thoughts on “bring on the taper!

  1. alright; sounds like a solid run. you still beat the pants off me, of course. sounds like you are more than ready for the big one.

  2. I’ll echo what I told Sister Smile: you amaze me! I can’t believe you did a half the day after running 15 — and you’re not sore??! You are more than ready for the Big Day! It’s all downhill from here.P.S. Are those new shorts that black “split” pair? I passed those up because of the naked factor.

  3. That’s a pretty good run after the 15 miler in advance. You’re clearly getting into shape.Now I can’t wait for the pics, after what you just told us about the shorts. Hehe.

  4. Nice mileage. Let the taper begin!

  5. Awesome job, flygirl! You’re going to kill the Marathon!

  6. Wait a second. You say you were naked? I must have had a really bad race, because I didn’t notice when I saw you at the end! Hee.Good job on the mileage. Not sure I understand the rationale behind the two longish run days, but I guess the coach knows best. Glad you didn’t injure yourself by doing that.Yay for tapering!

  7. I don’t know about this. Everyone is going into taper madness:-p Congrats on finishing the hardcore training!

  8. How’s the taper going so far? Hope you are recovered from your weekend of back-to-back long runs. That’s pretty incredible–and you still ran SI in a great time!

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