back to reality

this post will be a mishmash of things that I really hadn’t been able to wrap my head around the last few days. but nowhere in this post will be any baseball/playoffs talk…doesn’t feel right to do so today…so damn tragic. (and those of you who live either in the building or nearby…hope you’re all ok and safe.)

In terms of running, my legs did not like at all what I did to them Sunday, as they have just been majorly dragging this week. meh…guess that is to be expected. Good news is that I got my weekday runs out of the way Mon-Wed, now 2 rest days before tackling this weekend’s badass mileage. I think this comment may be dead on to how I’ve been feeling. I don’t think I’m at the point where I hate running just yet, but the endless bridle path and rez loops in the AM have gotten sorta…well…boring. And work has prevented me from making it to group runs lately, but I feel like I have to run alone these days since my legs won’t let me keep up with a group right after a hard workout or a long run. I think the only runs I’ve really enjoyed lately were last week’s Hunter Moonlight Run (where I actually met fellow blogger BrunetteChicagoGal! And this was a great course-nice dress rehearsal for NYC) and Sunday-even though it was 3 loops of Central Park…and been there, done that, I loved having lots of comraderie. Or even evening runs when the park is sorta packed…I like running clockwise, I feel it’s a more social direction…the park seems so empty in the mornings, even now. I don’t know…I’m just rambling here. But it seems like it’s a common theme at this point, I’ve heard from others that they’re more than ready to taper and just want to get their race on. Taper officially begins Monday, and not a moment too soon. And the week of the 23rd will include a short (but unglamorous) business trip, which may be good to help combat taper madness…

On the topic of work, this morning was our quarterly meeting. And just like 3 months ago, my smartazz co-worker uses music in his presentation when talking about the financial update. I think “The Heat Is On” sounds a little better than “Bad Day,” dontcha think? And to make this day an absolute waste of a day in terms of being productive, this afternoon the company celebrated Oktoberfest (complete with home-brewed beer and custom made mugs!) Nice to have fun stuff occasionally, doesn’t fully make up for other things though…

And since I’ve pretty much given up on Survivor this season, and Amazing Race hasn’t really grabbed my attention yet this season, The Bachelor has been my source of reality tv entertainment this fall. The usual catty biatches and some guy built up to be like god-status kissing them all and making some cry. Same crap, different season. I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not Erica or Desiree. (Not that the guy is any prize, but I just don’t want to see divas like them rewarded for their behavior.)

Happy hump day everyone…


6 thoughts on “back to reality

  1. Ugh…I know exactly what you’re feeling right now when it comes to running. At this point in my training, I was so bored with it all and just wanted Marathon Day to arrive. Training takes its toll physically, mentally and in terms of your personal life. But you’re almost there. Hang tough!

  2. WHAT? The Park’s too empty????? Um . . . remember this rant? OH NO! I just realized I’ve been reading this long enough I can catch inconsistent quotes!

  3. If you’re bored with running in Central Park, come out to Queesn and train with Hellgate.:)

  4. BCG-yeah, i think i just need to come up with more creative routes or something! But I like to do at least part of my weekday miles on the rez/bridle path to relieve my legs a little bit…jon-I knew you’d bite at that. I know, I know-“be careful what you wish for…” (actually, it seems like the crowds have gone down a little bit, or maybe I am not running at peak hours at night or something.) And yeah, you have been quite the longtime reader-do you want those hours of your life back? :-pjosh-nope, I’m loyal to my team 🙂 I’ll run your borough on the other side of the Queensboro 🙂

  5. don’t ditch survivor or amazing race!!!!!could you believe the marathon is in 3 weeks? I can’t believe the big day is looming……surreal eh?excellent job on the 18!

  6. I hope you don’t hate running–I guess “hate” is such a strong word…but you get the idea. But you get to a point where you just need to rest (ie. taper) so you can rebuild all those torn up muscles and make yourself recover. I think mentally we get bored b/c what we really need is a break. Reading about your training since the beginning, I have no doubts that you are ready to rock nyc! Oh, I am going to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight–I seem to be the only person on the fact of this earth who cannot discuss that TV show when the topic comes up…which is often. Plus, I hear it’s good. We shall see…

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