18 glorious miles

(plus 2 warm-up beforehand…)
today’s miles have officially redeemed me for Grete’s Great Washout and the LTR #2 fiasco. I think this says it all…

Loop 1
(53:01, 8:50 pace)
Loop 2
(52:53, 8:48 pace)
Loop 3
(52:31, 8:45 pace)
Mile Split Mile Split Mile Split
1 8:56 7 8:53 13 9:09
2 8:49 8 8:50 14 8:59
3 8:39 9 8:46 15 8:33
4 8:49 10 8:37 16 8:43
5 9:01 11 8:52 17 8:50
6 8:47 12 8:55 18 8:17

Final time was 2:38:25, 8:48 pace.

My original plan was to start off the first loop slower than 9’s…then pick it up with each loop and try to get some marathon pace work in. What happened? I was actually surprised to see those first coupla splits, but I just went with it…

So, I tried to put last week behind me and start fresh for today. The weather was perfect, and even though the iPod was on the fritz (though I just got a replacement one today for free-yay!) I had my Rio Cali loaded with great songs and set on shuffle. I was running this at the end of a 41 mile week, so I wasn’t going to be tapered or anything.

I jogged 2 warmup miles to 102nd street and a little bit down the east drive (and one of the marshalls was yelling that “the race is THIS way!” umm…haven’t you seen anyone adding on mileage before?) I ran into Jon just as I finished up my warmup and we chatted while I waited on the long-ass line to check my bag and we walked over to the start, where we lined up with a bunch of other Flyers, and eventually we were off!!

Mile 1 was very crowded, and but felt pretty relaxed and content to let whomever pass me since I’m sure no one lined up right. However, I still had Jon in my sights near the first mile marker and hoped I hadn’t rabbited the start. Was a little faster than I had planned, but not so bad. I tried to pull it back for mile 2 but another one faster than expected…hmmm. I decided to just take advantage of the fact that I was feeling good and just go with it. Sister Smile was running in the other direction, cheering on the runners-thanks and good to see you out there! I was still feeling strong through the first loop, so tried to either maintain or pick it up a little for the second. Saw Derek and he ran with me for miles 11-so fast it's all a blur...14. But I honestly did not feel like chatting, I just felt like running by myself, listen to my music, do my own thing. (BTW-you are officially not allowed to run with me at the marathon :-p )

The last loop had heated up quite a bit and I felt it getting to me a little. By that time, I knew I could ease up a bit and still put up a good time, but I felt I needed to prepare the mental game…c’mon, no slowing down with 6 miles to go in the marathon!! Once I hit mile 14, it became more of a countdown to me…“you got a 4-miler to go…now not even a 5K…2 miles, that’s 4 songs…1 mile, take it strong to the end!” And that last mile turned out to be my best! I finished up strong (hey Josh-was that you I saw near the finish line?)…and thanked the Harrier guy that I was sorta pacing off for a good part of the race and told him “good job!” (we had been sorta trading places throughout the run until I passed him for good around mile 15. I finished a few seconds ahead on the clock, he got me with 1 second on chip time-so all in all, pretty much equal.) Chatted with a coupla other Flyers and said hi to a coupla Rez Dogs before walking home (and who comes up to me while I was walking home? The cute married guy who was in my LTR #2 pace group. Too funny.)

And as for today, I really needed this one. Finally, the hard work is paying off. Very respectable time, considering it didn’t even feel like a race effort (well until the last loop-but I think that was more due to the heat.) Plus, I didn’t lose time at the water/Gatorade tables…yay, I finally got the funneling thing down! (Only took 2 years…) I doubt 8:48 is going to be my marathon pace (not too sure I trust Toby Tanser’s theory that your pace for this 18-miler will be your pace in the marathon)-the goal remains the same-4 hours. But at least it’s a little boost of confidence that all is not lost and a 9-minute pace is realistic (of course, as long as the weather cooperates.)

One more 40-mile week to go…man, I can taste the taper!! It’s getting soooo close…

now playing: “maneater” ~ nelly furtado


14 thoughts on “18 glorious miles

  1. Whoo, whoo! So glad you had a good run — it must feel good after those recent hard ones. Hang in there — the taper’s almost here.

  2. Outstanding. Looks like you ran a really solid run; I have absolute belief that you will nail a 4-hour marathon. I’ll be at the help desk at the expo, or thereabouts, come say hi.

  3. NICE work! That’s a great effort. Good luck for the marathon!

  4. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling lousy during your taper. At the marathon, go out 15 secs slower than goal pace for the first 10 miles, then 15 secs faster for the next ten, then as fast as you can for the last 6. It will work.

  5. Good run, very good pacing, and an exceptionally good last mile. You’re set to go, girl.

  6. Good job! You looked very strong each time I saw you.

  7. Rockin! Sometimes all it takes is one awesome run to renew your confidence–and it couldn’t have come at a better time! With one more week of training to go, you’ll head into taper phase feeling pumped and excited. Come race day, all that stored energy is bound to come out, giving you an experience you will never forget!

  8. Great splits!And yes, that was me at the finish line… You looks very strong.Good work!

  9. Wow, I hope my pace for this 18 miler isn’t my marathon pace! (What is TT talking about?) You, on the other hand, actually get to slow down to meet you NY goal. That’s got to feel good.

  10. Great job on the 18!

  11. She looked very strong when I saw her. Sorry if my chitchat was distracting Flygirl

  12. Lara, congratulations on the Tune-Up! What an amazing time! (I love your blog by the way)

  13. Looks like an awesome run and you couldn’t have asked for better conditions! Just keep going…it’s almost time for taper madness. And just wait til you see how neurotic you will get (remember last year with my coworker:-p):)

  14. thanks everyone!jon-that was something TT had told me last year…not sure how much worth to put in that (he didn’t specify whether said pace was racing the 18 or using as a training run)derek-yeah, i was sorta in my zone when i saw you-but that was partially why i told you to go ahead. i’m sure you understand i want to run my own race at the marathon…uptown girl-i’m already neurotic, i put in for vacay days wed-fri before the marathon. I kept things like your coworker story in mind :-p

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