grete’s pics

real post to come hopefully sometime this weekend…crazy week.

but found my brightroom pics from grete’s a little early…who knew the wet look was back in style. (thank god i wasn’t wearing white…)

more pics are here


7 thoughts on “grete’s pics

  1. That is one awesome picture! You look so determined–and the rain in the background makes for a nice touch. Yes, white would have been a bad idea. Good seeing you last night–the run was certainly different.

  2. Great pic, I race in DST’s as well and love’m. Oh, yeah…Go Tigers!But if you have extra tix……..

  3. Great picture… !!! So cool.

  4. thanks all. I think the determined look came from 2 things: 1-seeing the finish chute up ahead and 2-trying to fend off a challenge from the Harrier in the white cap right in back of me-i outkicked her by a second (and she was their fifth scorer…haha. photographic evidence showed i actually finished ahead of their fourth scorer too, but NYRR showed me a place behind. sorry, Harriers. But if I can’t score for my team, this is the only way I can contribute to the points chase 🙂 )As for the Tigers…no comment. Except my boyz in pinstripes are breaking my heart.

  5. what a fabulous pic!!!

  6. your ipod is soaked!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is tragic!

  7. LOL…i see where your priorities are.(and sadly, my iPod decided it was done for good. However thanks to the nice people at the 5th Ave Apple store and the fact that it was still under warranty, I got a brand-spankin new one. Just got to load it up with music…)

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